Dream murderer

My name is a senior year, which is the most important high school in my life. I stayed up late last night. I lay on the sofa at more than three o’clock in the morning and brushed the news, fell asleep confused …..

I opened my eyes and came to the familiar troops. In the courtyard, I seemed to see the old squad leader.

"Zhou Dong?"

I shouted loudly, the squad leader turned his head, or the big face that smiled and smiled. He raised his hand and ran over at me instantly.

"Senior high school, high school, how did you come back, for eleven years, do you think of me?"

I pushed him and answered disgustedly:

"The two big men, what looks like pulling like, I don’t know if you come to you suddenly."

The monitor touched my head and asked me if I was stupid. Then I pulled me to the cafeteria for dinner. During the meal, I learned that he had risen to the deputy head for so many years.Haha, I am also happy for him.

After dinner, he was going to check the actual bouncing target. I also followed and came to the training ground. The neat queue stood under the scorching sun in a row., I stayed in the woods outside the iron fence of the training ground. By the way, when he was training, he was sitting under the tree. There was something under the buttocks of the hue. I thought it was a stone.Go away, who knows that I touched it, not a stone, a triangular iron block was exposed on the ground. I hurriedly got up, picked up the small stones next to it, and started digging. I thought it was a baby.The lower half is a plastic bag wrapped in an iron pupa. At first glance, it looks like a gun, and there are several bullets and a box scattered at the bottom.

"Not good", I stunned in my heart, how can there be guns here?I took out the plastic bag and poured out the contents inside.

"Mad, I haven’t done anything bad, why are you so heartless?"

I picked up the pistol and stepped off the magazine. There were two bullets that did not finish it. Put the gun in a plastic bag and opened the box next to the box.The face, the name bar is incomplete, the three words can only be seen clearly: Feng Zi, the officer’s certificate below is a postcard with a line of words:

"If I can escape, let the fate people succeed me."

I look at the opposite, nothing, what does this mean?I didn’t understand, I thought that the gun could not sell money. When the old squad leader ended the training, I handed it to the organization. I continued to sit under the tree and take a cold, throw the plastic bag aside, pick a dog tail grass,Bite in your mouth, listening to the number of twenty -three -five five in the practice field, the sound of the target of the bang seemed to become a hypnotic song, clinging to the eyes ………

Suddenly, there was a child in the middle of the woods that rushed to me, wearing a red assault jacket, which was very conspicuous. I thought which child was playing, and I didn’t care. When the child in the red clothes ran to me, meSeeing that his face was gray, the corner of his mouth was still blood

"Children, what’s wrong? Is it bullied by other children?"

I asked him lazily, but I didn’t expect that he didn’t say a word, took a pistol from his pocket, and fired three shots at me without hesitation. I didn’t even respond.A red in front of him, his eyes were as bloody as the car’s windshield on a rainy day.

Am I dead?The tinnitus started in my ears, and the buzzing sound was getting louder. Suddenly, my head hit the ground, and I sat up with my hand slidingly. Made had fallen asleep and had nightmares?

"At noon, it’s really dreaming during the day!" I grinned and mocked myself

The wind ground blew the wind, the troops running brought a lot of dust, along the wind, drifting to the small forest where I was, I quickly changed the position of the wind around the tree, avoided the dust, and put the plastic containing the gun.The bag was also moved to the side, took out the mobile phone and looked at the time, and only 1 pm. I wanted to brush the video to spend the time. When I saw the screen of the mobile phone, there was no signal. Maybe it was a military control area.Broken leaves, lay down on the side …

Suddenly, the child in the middle of the woods appeared again, and rushing towards me. I wondered that I wouldn’t come again to kill me?Impossible, that’s dreaming, how can it be!

The child in red ran to me. This time, the forehead was swollen, and blood was still bleeding.

"Children, what’s wrong? Are you fighting with others?"

I was lying on the side, looking at him at him, and saw that he took a shot with a shot in his right hand, and it was three shots. He hit my face. Suddenly, the blood in front of me was stained, and the child in red disappeared in front of my eyes.Essence

Am I dead again?What is the situation?What kind of plane is killed twice by this child. What kind of game is this play? I am really a waste. This must be dreaming. At this time, I suddenly got empty and saw my own body falling in a pool of blood pools.

"What’s going on? Am I really dead? Am I soul now? Don’t live enough! Let me go!"

A large wind blew, the leaves next to the tree hit my face, and I sat up and hurriedly pinched my face. It turned out to be a dream again. I didn’t die. I really saw the same dreams during the day!I got up and patted the dust on my buttocks, took out my phone and glanced at it. I slept for half an hour.

Looking at the training ground, the old squad leader was still walking around. I picked up a plastic bag and was ready to go to the army courtyard to sigh and sober face. At this time, the fog was floating in the woods.I won’t be evil. Go ahead first. I walked forward. Suddenly there was a crying sound in my ears. There was still the familiar red figure in the middle of the woods, or the red child. The difference was this time.He was crying, wowed and ran towards me while crying.

Children in red are close to me, and my forehead and corners of my mouth are bleeding. I asked:

"Children, don’t you come to kill me again?"

I held the gun behind and asked him with a smile. He stopped crying without saying a word, and pulled out a gun from his pocket.The children of the red clothes are two shots of "bang", and then the trigger was pulled. I found that there were only two rounds. The children in red fell to the ground. I also fell to the ground. I thought: This dream is too real.killed.

I hurriedly stood up, walked to the child of the red clothes, kicked his legs with my feet, and saw the two bullets I fired.I, holding a gun in my hand, I took a closer look, it was a wooden toy pistol, not good!I killed?IntersectionI touched my child’s face suspiciously, cold and cold are like pythons like a python

"This is dreaming, it must be a dream, but how can I wake up?"

Thinking of this, I put down the gun and hit the tree regardless of everything. When I was "ah, I was painful and painful. I covered my head and would it hurt?Is it true?I didn’t dream?IntersectionIntersectionI killed?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

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