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Everyone must have dreams, and most people have had nightmares, such as dreaming of falling from high altitude, or dreaming that they are pregnant.So what can these dreams interpret?Although, sometimes we find that our dreams are stupid and inconsistent with logic.But many times, there are indeed specific reasons or significance behind the dream.In this article, we have to talk to you, 9 dreams, and the meaning of their existence.

Have you ever appeared in your dreams such as earthquakes and tsunami?In such a dream, you often feel helpless, and everything cannot be developed as you think.Natural disasters may destroy your home, or destroy your favorite person or thing.

When a person continues to face stress and anxiety, he may have such a dream.Because natural disasters are often difficult to predict and cannot be controlled.This may show that a person has encountered things that can not be controlled in life, and these things have led to their strong pressure.For example, the betrayal of the partner, some major illness, strong work pressure, and so on.

In this dream, people can dream of those who have died. They may be someone you know or someone you do n’t know, but the face you dreamed must be what you see in your lifeOver.

For example, some people dreamed that friends who had just died, and they had some kind of contact and contact with them.Although it sounds a bit creepy, this dream is often related to nostalgia and emotion that cannot give up others.On the other hand, this may also have a great relationship with the concerns of the disease, especially when the dream is afraid of the death of the death.

Have you ever appeared in dreams, and missed important matters such as important dating and your wedding?This dream is also related to stress.For example, the college entrance examination is imminent, and you are worried that you cannot get good results, or you will attend the first major speech in your life the next day.

This dream mainly shows your concerns about some important matters in life.

This is undoubtedly a shameful dream. In a dream, you find that you are meticulous in the crowd. You are ashamed, but you are helpless.

If you often have this dream, you should re -examine yourself, and you may even go to see the psychologist.Because, this may indicate that your requirements for yourself are too high, and you are very concerned about what others think of you.The "spotlight effect" is a very common psychological effect on you.This may be manifested in the external aspect, or it may be inherent.The former is that you are worried about the views of others on your appearance, and the latter is that you worry that what you do will recruit people and hate.

The author of "Fool Dream Dictionary", Penny Pierce, believes that dreaming of the public naked may indicate that you feel like a liar, or fear of exposing your shortcomings.

A study shows that 39%of people have had a dream of dropping teeth.Some people may have such a dream because they are unconfident on their own.Another is the dream of being afraid of losing some things in life.You may feel what you lack in your life, but you can’t remember it.But the dream of teeth falling has been reminding you.

In addition, sometimes this may also indicate that you are worried about your ability to communicate, or what you say is embarrassing.

Obviously, for those who have always wanted to have their children, they can easily have such a dream.But it also has other meanings.

The author of "Dream Dictionary" David Lov believes that the dream of pregnancy may sometimes represent a woman’s fear of being a mothers who are not competent.

The writer Tony Chrisp believes that such a dream shows that the dreamer is entering a brand -new field. It may be to learn a skill that has never been involved, or to deepen his relationship with a stranger.These dreams indicate the arrival of difficulties.

If you dream of being trapped in a small space, this may mean that you are very concerned about your emotional aspects. They may be friendship, love, or relationship with colleagues.

On the other hand, if you dreamed of prison and cages, this may also mean that you feel that you are trapped in some areas and cannot perform yourself, for example, your current work, or wearing, or the living environmentNothing is what you want and like.Your heart has been eager to do what you really want to do.

Many people have had a dream of flying, but they may feel different. Some people may feel excited, and some people feel very terrible.The author of the Dream Dictionary Tony Chrisp claims that the dream of flying often represents two very different aspects.On the one hand, such a dream can represent the feeling of freedom and independence.On the other hand, they can also show their desire to escape or escape real life.

Like Feixiang, dreams falling from heights are also common.According to the explanation of many popular dreams and at least one study, this dream may be a reflection of some things in your life; or you consider making some major choices in real life, this choiceIt may change your life.

Russell Grant, the author of "Dream of Dreams", said: "Dreaming of falling is very common. It symbolizes the fear in real life, which may be a failure in work or love life."

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