Douban 9.2, lock in the first three year, don’t be cheated by selling meat

Recently, Riman was crazy.

Two days ago, Uncle Yu talked to you about Douban 9.2 "Spy Pasting the Home", which was recognized as the first god this year.

I never thought that I had to bite the gold halfway.

One episode is 9.6, and it is now stable at 9.2.

Why does it make people love it?

Today, Uncle Yu will talk to you about it–

"Summer Reappearance"

ム ー ム イ レ ン タ

Summer, islands, girls, swimwear …

Looking at the poster alone, I think this is a small and fresh cure.

However, the subject is on the hands of the character -the various weapons.

Pistols, sniper rifles, daggers, sledgehammers … exuding strange atmosphere everywhere.

The original comic is famous for "the story of the plot", and even the detective elementary school students next door are ashamed.

The first scene of the opening is a lightning strike-

The heroine died.

The remains, the statue, and the spiritual hall are died.

The heroine’s name, tide.

Blonde, full of figure.

It is the youth goddess of countless people.

After her death, the male lead of Qingmei returned to her hometown and returned to participate in the funeral.

However, weird things happened one after another.

The dead party told him that the tide died to save the little girl who fell into the water.

However, the autopsy report shows that there are obvious marks on the neck.

Such obvious traces did not attract the attention of the police at all.

Until the burial, it has always been concluded with "suicide".

What’s even more weird is that the rescued little girl’s family disappeared the second day of the funeral.

Silently, leaving only a rumor of "escape for the debt".

Tide’s sister -in -law, this only remembered a few strange things I saw before.

The little girl who was rescued first told her that she saw the same person in the wild.

After that, I thought that I had encountered the same thing.

Three days when my sister died, the two saw a girl who was exactly like her sister on the beach.

phantom?illusion?Or anything else?

Just when Shenping was unattended, the old hunter on the island gave an explanation.

It turned out that the legend of "shadow disease" has been circulating on the island.

People who are sick will see people who are exactly the same as themselves, that is, "shadow."

The shadow will kill the victim, and then disguise it into the victim.

At the same time, the old hunter also taught them a solution.

Go to Shanli Shrine to find a solution.

On the way to the shrine, the two suddenly saw the rescued little girl in the bushes.

Catch up, but unexpectedly discovered a injured woman.

In his mouth, he also said "I’m messed up".

The woman was preparing to take a breath and tell Shen Ping to a certain information.


I didn’t finish, I put on my head with a shot, and the blood splattered.

Shen Ping suddenly turned back.

There are two exactly the same in front of you.

One of them was pointing with a gun.

The girl with a gun was not nonsense.


It’s another shot.

澪 澪 fell to the ground.

Shen Ping still did not respond in the mistakes.

The girl had already aimed at him.


The third shot.

Suddenly, the splashing blood turned into a beam of light.

Xingping, who was awakened, returned to the ship and rushed into the arms of the woman opposite again.

Look at the time.

He returned to the day of Deng Island.

Seeing this, everyone is stunned.

Inception?Time and space crossing?Multi -universe?

Shenping was also confused.

At first, he thought he was dreaming.

But when he noticed that what he saw and heard in the future was exactly the same as before, he found the answer–

He was after repeating the island.

As soon as he died, he reincarnated, and it directly made people dream back to "The beginning".

Therefore, it can also explain the meaning of the title.

It is not a small summer fresh, but a real "re -experience this summer."

The setting of "Infinite Stream" is not fresh, but "Summer Reappearance" has played new ideas.

Shenping’s "reincarnation" ability is limited.

Wake up after the first three deaths, and the time will move back.

Therefore, although the "reincarnation" gave him a chance to change his life, the time to shorten the situation also made the situation more and more urgent.

The change in time has made the whole story unique.

In addition, a strong villain has a strong sense of oppression.

The first debut fired three shots and killed three people.

It is directly called "unprecedented high -quality villain."

The plot behind it maintains the style of "people’s ruthless words".

Wait until Shen Ping’s second reincarnation, and inadvertently saw the real appearance of the shadow.

The shadow that turned into a cricket decisively stabbed his little brother to death.

There is no half -sentence nonsense.

It was discovered that the peeking Shenping was decisive.

In the third reincarnation, I encountered the big BOSS behind the scenes.

Directly destroyed by the membership.

Seeing that the shadow plan was successful, the minions reached out of the island.

Shen Ping, who broke his hand, suddenly thought of the way he exploded.

As long as he dies, he can come again.

Mastering the stick, but aiming for the yard.

The shadow of the villain also has its own unique ability.

For example, after copying humans, shadow can inherit all the memory of the body.

In this way, the shadow knows the ability to reincarnate with Shenping, and also know what he has done each reincarnation.

Not only can inherit memory, but the shadow can also maintain strong strength.

After becoming a human little girl, you can pick up an adult in one hand.

It is even more fast to move, making people completely unaware.

The whole story is a game that is directly difficult to reach the "hell" game.

The so -called "protagonist halo" is like nothingness.

The first episode was stunning, and every episode was climaxed, which made people want to stop.

A little controversial is that the animation is criticized "deliberately selling meat."

"Very beautiful, but not very polite."

"Why do you always sell meat? It’s really uncomfortable."

"The plot is good, it is very vulgar to bury the chest to see the fat times."

The most controversial are the two places:

One is that Shenping bury his chest on the boat, and the other is to expose underwear when he falls into the sea.

In fact, this is also an old problem in Japanese animation.

I always like to insert a little otaku’s welfare, commonly known as "killing".

There is no problem without these wiping balls.

However, "Summer Reappearance" is about to upgrade these meat parts to important foreshadowing in the plot.

In the previous two reincarnations, Shenping found a way to distinguish shadow and people.

So at the next day’s funeral, he asked what color of underwear he wore yesterday.

Based on this judgment, 昨 was copied yesterday.

The purpose of the woman on the boat was to find Shenping and eliminate shadows.

Therefore, the more Shen Ping finds the better ally, the better.

Ask "women with long hair, glasses, black clothes", everyone asked three of them.

Always ask "big breasts", almost all of them are impressed.

In addition to this controversy, the quality of the entire animation can be described as quite high.

There is no idle pen in the family, and there is no scrap pen that is boring. Instead, he uses a variety of meticulous foreshadowing to continue to promote the plot compactly.

As early as the beginning of the story, I buried the first foreshadowing ——

Shen Ping saw the tide in his dream.

Chao first gave him a "gift", and then told him to "find himself."

When I first looked at this detail, I only felt like it was a fantasy dream.

But in the later period, I will be amazed when I look back. It turns out that everything has been hinted.

Shenping is not a natural pupil.

It is because heterosexual pupils are reflected in his reincarnation ability.

And, this eye seems to be exactly the same as the big boss.

The most surprising thing is the resurrection of the tide.

Obviously, it is a shadow.

Because the real tide died at the beginning.

However, she is different from other shadows.

Don’t remember the identity of your shadow, and firmly believe that you are the tide.

There is no malice to others, but instead thinks of helping everyone.

If you look back here to watch the first episode, people can inevitably believe that the shadow tide has given Shenping a hint.

In addition to the countless foreshadowing, the most commendable is all the IQ online.

Different from the beginning, the protagonists can continue to try and error in order to break the game.

In "Summer Reappearance", the trial and error cost is obviously too high.

And the realization of this, Shen Ping just opened the "self -protection mode" as a machine.

All words and deeds are kept the same as the last reincarnation to avoid suspicion.

When obeying the instructions to find a big breast beauty, the other party uses two mobile phones to reverse the reasoning of Shenping as a time traveler.

Wu Neng’s gun headshot, Wen Neng accurately reasoning.

The case is called absolutely.

The protagonist can hang up, so the villain has continued to change.

Both sides are masters, with a blockbuster and a punch.

Sometimes plasma headshot, sometimes brain burn in reasoning.

From the decent to the villain, all the IQ is online. Such suspense stories are truly respecting the audience.

There were readers commented before the broadcast:

As long as the remake is honest, the chance of turning over is zero.

The audience should not worry about having too complicated worldview and redundant story lines.

It is no exaggeration to say that "Summer Reappearance" has almost no lens or lines.

Let us get the fun of continuously drawing cocoon and realizing.

Such a fanaticism is a must -have this year.

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