Don’t you know if you are pregnant?Take you to understand the 6 signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy thing. Many women who prepare for pregnancy want to understand the symptoms of pregnancy and see if they are pregnant.Let’s take a look at the signs of pregnancy with me.

1. A small amount of bleeding

During the normal menstruation, there will be some blood stains on the inside. Calm should be calm. If your small inner blood stains are found to be on the 6-12 days after the same room, and there is no measure at the timeThese mild vaginal bleeding may be one of your symptoms of pregnancy.No need to be nervous, as long as it is kept clean, this bed bleeding will not affect embryo development.

2, cramps

After the abdominal spasm, after the eggs and sperm in the body are kissed, the fertilized eggs will slowly swim on the uterine wall and grow up.At this time, abdominal spasm similar to the menstrual period usually occurs. You must not mistakenly think that the menstruation is coming. At this time, the cramps at this time are mild, and it will be alleviated over time.

3. Feeling tired

The current work and social pressure are so strong, many of them feel sleepy and fatigue.But do you know that the first week of pregnancy will also appear this kind of fatigue, just like spending a lot of physical strength, lazy, drowsy and not wanting to move.This is because with the changes and fluctuations of blood pressure and blood sugar, and the elevation of progesterone hormone levels in the body will make you feel exhaustive and unsure.

4, nausea

This is one of the symptoms of most women’s pregnancy. Nausea is the common feature of early pregnancy. It is the result of increasing circulation hormone, and this kind of nausea is not limited to a specific time of the day. It may appear in one day.At any time.So if you are always disgusting recently, go to the hospital for a gynecological examination.

5. Great taste changes

After pregnancy, you may like certain foods to be unable to extricate yourself, and hate some foods to throw out the window. This change is one of the most common manifestations of pregnancy and the result of hormonal changes.

Under normal circumstances, the changes in this taste of pregnant friends will disappear at the end of the first three months, but some of the entire pregnancy cycle between this love and extreme hate.

6. Frequent urine

This is because of changes in the hormone levels and progesterone cycles.However, why is constipation during pregnancy? This is a side effect of progesterone. It delays food through your gastrointestinal system.At this time, women should drink plenty of water, do more exercise, and try high -fiber diet to keep water so that you can reduce the trouble of constipation.

7. Emotional abnormalities, breast changes

In the early pregnancy, there will be an irritability, love and male ticket quarrel, and your breasts will also feel swollen, painful, and sensitive, and the areola becomes dark and darker, because the hormonal level in the body is changed.When hormones are gradually stable, the emotions will gradually smooth, and the breasts are not so painful and uncomfortable.

If you have several in the middle of the above symptoms, or the menstruation has been postponed for many days, congratulations to you may be pregnant.At this time, you can choose to buy a pregnancy test stick or test strip.But for the sake of insurance, go to the hospital for examination.

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