Don’t you know if you are pregnant?Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, you should know if you are preparing for pregnancy.

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Last month Lele organized a physical examination. After Lele took blood, the doctor told her that she was pregnant for 6 weeks.After hearing it, Lele was startled. She was not ready to get pregnant at all, and she didn’t feel it. She also suspected that the doctor had made a mistake.But the doctor told her that yes, and criticized her when she was pregnant, but she was really careless.Later, Lele thought about his physical change again during this time. It was indeed that the aunt hadn’t come for a long time, and he often felt sleepy, thinking that he was too tired.In fact, most pregnant women in life do not know after pregnancy. They did not discover the first time, and even some pregnant women still helped her find that she was pregnant.In fact, after the pregnancy, there will be some symptoms of the pregnant woman’s body to remind you, and you should know if you are preparing for pregnancy.

What are the symptoms after pregnancy?

1. fatigue

After pregnancy, the impact of hormones in the receptor, women often feel tired and tired.Even if it was rest the night before, the next day was listless.Even if you are shopping such a simple thing, women will feel tired, and even feel the head heavy.At this time, in addition to considering whether you are too tired, you must also know that it is likely to be pregnant.

2. The number of going to the toilet is more often

After just pregnancy, although the uterus has not yet appeared, she is constantly developing.After the uterine is enlarged and congested, the bladder will be compressed, which increases the number of times the pregnant woman goes to the toilet.In addition, pregnancy itself can make the kidney and bladder more liquid, so frequent urination has also become an inevitable change.And pregnant women must have such a psychological preparation, the frequent urination will become more and more serious, and even the entire pregnancy.

3. Nausea and vomiting

This is obvious and a common symptom of pregnancy.The impact of hormone levels in the body, pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning vomiting.Pregnant women may not eat much, but they will vomit and vomit at any time.This situation generally disappears until about 4 months of pregnancy, and some pregnant women may grow a little.

4. Emotional changes

People with a pregnant woman around should be clear that the women after pregnancy are "faster than turning their face than a book", and the emotional changes are really great. You inadvertently make her angry and crying.If you find that you are irritable and often inexplicably angry, this is likely to be pregnant, and it is mainly affected by hormone changes.

5. Rise body temperature

This general woman is more difficult to discover. The body temperature of pregnant women will be 0.3-0.5 ° C than usual.If women usually have the habit of insisting on body temperature, it is easy to find.But don’t think that it is a cold or fever and take medicine, otherwise it has a great impact on the fetus.

6. Bleeding

If you bleed bleeding after a period of menstruation, but different from the usual menstrual flow, it may be pregnant.Because fertilized eggs can cause minor bleeding when we are in bed, which is what we usually talk about "bed bleeding".This is also a signal of pregnancy, don’t miss it.

Tao Ma said: If you are preparing for pregnancy, or if you have a normal husband and wife, you must pay more attention after these changes, this is likely to be pregnant.Don’t be a mother yourself, I don’t know, how did you find that you were pregnant?

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