Don’t talk about the color change of the rays, the protection in place can be filmed with peace of mind

The development of radiation technology is constantly changing and improving existing medical methods. Through CT scanning and nuclear medical examination, doctors can quickly determine the bleeding point in the body, determine the position of cardiovascular blockage and dredge.All medical institutions have invested heavily in and vigorously introduced radiological diagnosis and treatment equipment. About 250 million people in my country receive radiological diagnosis and treatment each year.However, while bringing huge convenience, side effects are also arisen.The World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institute of Environmental Sanitation of the United States have listed X -ray as carcinogens. Studies have shown that excessive X -ray radiation can cause leukemia, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.

Radiation diagnosis is a double -edged sword.Therefore, it is necessary to do related protection for the subject of the subject and the radiology department of the medical institution.Article 9 of my country’s "Radiation Diagnosis and Treatment Management Regulations" stipulates that medical institutions shall be equipped and use the staff protective supplies and personal protective supplies of the subjects in accordance with the requirements to ensure the health rights of radioactive diagnosis and treatment staff, patients and the public.Article 25 also stipulates that when radiological diagnosis and treatment staff perform medical illness on patients and subjects, they shall comply with the principles of legitimateization and optimization of radiation protection, with clear medical purposes, strictly control the due dose;The sensitive organs and organizations of the irradiated wild are shielded and protected, and the influence of the radiation of the patient and the inspector on the health on the health on health is notified in advance.

How should medical institutions do radiation protection?

The first is to strictly abide by the legitimacy of medical illness and weigh the quality of various inspection methods. However, medical treatment is used, but it does not cause excessive waste of medical resources.

The second is to strengthen the publicity and education of relevant laws, enhance the protection awareness of medical staff, raise the awareness of self -protection of the subjects, and get rid of the idea of "fear of trouble".

The third is to add demonstration pictures, videos and wearable requirements for the use of radiation personal protective supplies to save doctors wear time for each patient.

The fourth is to continuously improve and improve personal radiation protection products, reduce weight, improve the ease of use and protection effect of radiation protection products, and at the same time increase protection of protection and facilitation equipment, use mobile protection to avoid the trouble of wearableness.Strengthen technical feasibility.

What should the patient pay attention to when filming?

one look:

See if the medical institution holds the "Radiation diagnosis and treatment permit".In addition to obtaining the "Medical Institutional Practice License", medical institutions should also obtain the "Radiation Diagnosis and Treatment License" and carry out radiological diagnosis and treatment in accordance with the permitted project.

Two defense:

When filming or receiving CT examination, patients should wear personal protective supplies (such as lead clothes, lead apron, lead triangle, lead bib, etc.) in accordance with the requirements of the medical staff.The necessary rays are shot; the accompanying person should not enter the filming room or the CT examination room.

Three attention:

When infants and children (especially within 3 months of pregnancy), they must be cautious when doing X -ray examinations. Before the examination, the doctor should be informed in advance.Before doing various imaging examinations, it is necessary to see the precautions on the test table and follow the doctor’s advice.

In addition to the hospital, can ordinary clinics be taken X -rays?

The "Radiation Diagnosis Management Regulations" requires that medical institutions can carry out radiological diagnosis and treatment in accordance with the "Medical Institutional Practice License" and "Radiation Diagnosis and Treatment License".In addition to the radiological venues and supporting facilities that meet the prescribed regulations, they should also be equipped with corresponding technical personnel. At the same time, set up eye -catching warning signs in the corresponding equipment and venues, equipped and use safety protective devices, radiation monitoring instruments and personal protective supplies.

The health administrative department of the local people’s government at or above the county level is responsible for the supervision and management of radiological diagnosis and treatment in the administrative area. If the citizen friends find that the relevant units or individuals have illegal acts when conducting radiological diagnosis and treatment work, they can report to the health supervision department in the jurisdiction.

Text/Sun Zhibin, Health Supervision Institute of Baoan District, Shenzhen

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