Don’t scratch!Mosquito repellent and itching, these tricks are reliable

"The moonlight in front of the bed, the mosquito is very arrogant"

It’s the season of mosquito carnival

You can hear the buzzing in your ears every night when you close your eyes every night

I can’t find a mosquito when I get up but I can’t find a mosquito

After a meal, go to the park and go around

Come back and wrap your legs

Some people also have a mosquito favor

No matter how many people are with

The bags on your body are always the most

As long as a friend meets these "mosquito -choice people" when he meets

Can guarantee your safety

Why do some people particularly recruit mosquitoes?

Those who attract mosquitoes are these:

High amount of carbon dioxide exhalation -help mosquito positioning

High body temperature -the higher the body temperature, the more attractive the mosquito

Smell -attract mosquitoes

Khan -chemicals in sweat will attract mosquitoes

So mosquitoes prefer these people:

People with a large lung volume

Sweaty people

People with high body temperature (child)

People who have just finished exercise


fat people

Women of menstruation and pregnancy

People wearing dark clothes (more likely to be discovered by mosquitoes)

People with fragrance

If unfortunately becomes a "person of mosquito", how can you avoid being bitten?

Preventing method

1. Keep your skin dry: dry and take a bath in time after sweating

2. Use less perfume and fragrance shower gel

3. Check whether there is a gap in the door and window at home

4. Keep home hygiene: Remove water to prevent mosquito propagation (water basin, flower pot, floor drain and other places)

5. When going outdoors: Wearing light -colored clothes not only reduce bites, but also cool.Stay away from the pools, trash cans, grass, flower beds and other mosquitoes.

6. When climbing the mountains and camping in the wild: Try to avoid skin exposure, wear long sleeves, trousers, socks, and stuff the legs of the trousers in the socks, and the jacket is stuffed into the pants, not to give mosquitoes at the slightest opportunity.

7. Use mosquito repellent products:


The safe and effective mosquito repellent ingredients have the following:

DEET (Deet)

Mosquito repellent (IR3535)

Picaridin (Picaridin)

Lemon eucalyptus oil (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus)

Experiments show that the higher the concentration of Deet, the longer the protection time.The concentration is 10%, it can be protected for 2 hours, the concentration is 24%, and it can be protected for 5 hours.AAP (American Pediatric Association) is not recommended to use mosquito repellent with a concentration of more than 30%.

Pay attention when using mosquito repellent:

Wipe the sunscreen first, then use mosquito repellent water after drying

Spray on the exposed skin, don’t let clothes cover mosquito repellent water

Avoid eyes, ears, mouth, nose

Do not use the wound or sensitive skin

Make up once a few hours

After returning to the room, wash off the mosquito repellent with soap+water

Pay attention when using it for children:

Babies shall not use any mosquito repellent in 2 months

Children under 3 cannot use mosquito repellent containing lemon eucalyptus oil (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus)

When you use it for your child, spray it on the adult, and then apply it to the child

Put the mosquito repellent in the place where the child can’t get enough

If an allergic reaction (such as a rash), stop using it immediately, and wash the skin with soap+flowing water.Take your child to the hospital if necessary.

In addition to mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent products such as electric mosquito coils and pesticides can also be used at home.

If you have babies in your home, it is recommended to use mosquito nets.Or open an electric mosquito coil or spray -kill agent a few hours before the child’s bedtime, and close the bedroom door.When the child is sleeping, the electric mosquito coil is turned off and opened the window to ventilate.

Do not use electric mosquitoes when using flower dew or pesticides!

Many mosquito repellent and pesticides contain flammable ingredients. It will explode at the same time as electric mosquitoes!

To this end, firefighters also made scene simulation.

One firefighter held the electric mosquito to turn on the power supply, and the other firefighter sprayed the pesticide of a commonly used brand at the electric mosquito and immediately caught fire.

Infernal mosquito repellent method

Eat garlic or vitamin B1

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent of natural ingredients (the effect is not clear)

Plant mosquito repellent (weak effect)

How to stop itching after being bitten by a mosquito?

1. Cold compress

Do not scratch: Grab scratching causes the release of histamine, it will be more itchy and even cause infection.

2. Topical drugs: flower dew water, cool oil, mint ointment, furnace glycry stone washing agent, etc.

Cardigan washing agent -safe, cheap, easy to use

It is also safe to use by a baby (avoid adding mint brain components to the furnace glycrystone washing agent)

The static will be layered, and you need to shake well before use

If you repeatedly apply, you need to wipe off the last time the skin.

If the skin is damaged, use it

3. If the lump is large and continues, you can apply the ointment containing hormone (hydrogenated pine) or antibody amine ingredients under the guidance of a doctor to reduce inflammation.

Pictures from the network

Allergies can choose oral antihistamine drugs (Fraim Ding, Sidalizine, etc.).

Invalid itching method


Watermelon leather


Soapy water

… …

Through mosquitoes, various types of viruses can also be spread, causing diseases.Such as dengue fever, Zhaka, malaria, etc.

If you travel to Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, heating, headache, systemic pain, joint pain, rash, nausea and vomiting, abnormal bleeding (bleeding gums, nosebleeds, etc.) need to be treated in time and inform the doctor’s recent travel history.

Some bugs are terrible than mosquitoes


Ricknames, commonly known as dogs, grass, bull lice, etc.Living in a humid environment of plants and trees may also be parasitic on pets.

It is not uncommon to bite ticks and see related news every year.

It doesn’t feel much when I was bitten, so it is not easy to be discovered.But once the tapeworm is blood -sucking, it will not leave too quickly.After being bitten by a tapeworm, some more serious diseases may be infected, such as Lem disease.

After the child goes home in the grass or wild, check the whole body carefully, especially the scalp, the back of the ear, the neck, the armpit, the wrist, the groin, etc.

It’s like there is a mole on the body

Pictures from the network

After discovering tapeworms, do not bounce with your hands, and may remain in the body.

Use the mule to clamp the tapeworm biting on the skin, and then take it out vertically.

If you have no confidence in your own skills, go to the hospital.

Bee boss injury

Most injuries will only cause minor discomfort. Some people with allergies will lead to serious allergic reactions, and they need to seek medical treatment immediately.

First aid method:

1. Rinse with soapy water

2. Scrape off the needle with the nail.Do not squeeze the area of the injuries (it will allow more venom to enter the blood circulation)

3. Reduce swelling: cold compresses of ice cubes, raising the biting part of the biting

If severe redness, rash, fever, dyspnea and other symptoms, immediately seek medical treatment.

How to prevent being injured?

When you go to the wild, wear light -colored long -sleeved long pants to avoid using perfume

Stay away from flowers

When the bee flew around, kept still.Don’t panic, or drive the bees, but you will be stolen

If you are injured by bee, hurry up and leave the place of the sting.After the bee cricket will release a chemical substance, attract other bees to support

If you enter the bee in the car, stop slowly, open all the windows and let it fly out

Fire ant bite

After being injured by ordinary ants, it usually only slightly red and swollen, and it will disappear soon.

After being injured by fire ants, there will be a burning sensation and redness, and it will become pustules full of white liquid within one or two days.

First aid method:

Slowly squeeze the ants

Take antihistamine drugs

If chest pain, nausea, severe sweating, difficulty breathing, severe swelling and other symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.

How to prevent being bitten?

Don’t let your child tease your ants (such as stabing the ant nest with your hands or interfere with the ants on your hands, and your feet)

When hike, camping or picnic in the wild, pick up things from the ground, be careful, and stuff the legs in the socks.

This summer, I hope everyone can easily cope with mosquitoes



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