Don’t quarrel with my mother -in -law, the obstetrician and gynecologist tells you if you can raise pets during pregnancy

Many people "talk about pet color changes" during pregnancy and believe that they cannot raise pets during pregnancy. So, does this statement make sense?Today, let’s talk about this topic.

There are indeed bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. on cats and dogs, and cats and dogs do have the possibility of being infected.Among them, the parasites on the cat are the most famous of the bow.

The toxoplasma is a parasitic of the last host.Gow -shaped worm bag can be excreted with the cat’s feces. It can survive for up to one year in the warm and humid soil.In meat, eggs.People are infected by the above -mentioned substances that have not suffered full heating or contacted packets.Infection in the third trimester can cause fetal liver and spleen, jaundice, myocarditis, or intellectual dysplasia, hearing and visual impairment that have occurred for several years after birth.

Human infection of Toxoplasma is generally mild, but if a pregnant woman is infected with Toxoplasma, the harm is great.Early pregnancy infection of Toxoplasma can cause abortion, dead tires, and abnormal tires; infection of toxoplasma worms in the middle of pregnancy can lead to dysentery, premature birth, and severe eye and cerebral diseases of the fetus.

Speaking of the first thought of the dog, the rabies are definitely a rabies.

Rabies are transmitted by rabies virus, and cats and dogs can be the source of infection.

Its main way to spread is infection through damaged skin and mucous membranes, such as being bitten by a dog, or licking the wounds on the hand by the puppy and kitten.etc.

So how should we prevent?

In order to reduce ordinary bacteria and viruses in the kittens and puppies, we can take a bath for kittens and puppies!For bowworms and rabies, kittens and puppies must be vaccinated on time.In addition, you need to follow the veterinarian advice and take an antidote on animals regularly.

Remember to feed your pets with nutritious animal food to enhance the resistance of pets; do not feed non -cooked, raw meat, organs and foods to pets; do not let home raising pets out to avoid greedy kittens and kittensDogs eat unhygienic foods; do the hygiene of cat nests, dog nests and bowls of bowls, and often clean up and disinfection within the range of kittens and puppies.Hygiene and so on.

Of course, these things need to be troubled by the prospective dad!

If pregnant women have pets before pregnancy, it is recommended to do a TORCH examination for a variety of infectious diseases such as bowworms, rubella viruses, and giant cytotrophic viruses in addition to conventional pregnancy examinations.

There are two types of antibodies of conventional TORCH (including toxoplasma, giant cell viruses, rubella virus, and herpes simplex virus, etc.), which are IgG and IGM. The former represents previously infected and the latter represents recent infections.If IGG is positive and IGM is negative, it means that the previous infection has been infected, and there is no infection now, and it has certain protection for the mother, but it is not as powerful as hepatitis B antibody and cannot fully protect the mother’s body.It shows that there was no infection in the past and present, but there was no protection. The mother was a crowd of infected infected. It was necessary to strengthen protection; if IGG negative and IgM positive, it indicates that there is infection in the near future.And IGM is positive, and further inspection and treatment need to be checked.

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