Don’t be too glassy after pregnancy, pay attention to these points, fetal treasure is not so easy to "deform"

Since the moment Xiao Qiao was determined to be pregnant, the state of the whole person has changed. Before, she was a girl with a large nervous, casual and casual, and she didn’t pay attention to eating and sleeping.However, after pregnancy, she completely changed her personal. Even the movement of up the stairs is very slow. Eating and drinking water must be checked in the nutritional component table. Hot pot and snacks have been completely avoided.The fundamental reason is that Xiao Qiao is worried that the child in the stomach will have a little loss, so that such an overkill behavior will appear.

Indeed, for pregnant women, children can develop healthy and smooth birth is the biggest expectations and desires, but there is no need to be too glassy. As long as you pay attention to these points, fetal treasures are not so prone to "deformity".

1. Taking folic acid in time during pregnancy and early pregnancy

In fact, before pregnancy, the couple will go through a stage of pregnancy. At this time, appropriate regularity is needed to take folic acid; after pregnancy, folic acid cannot be interrupted and it needs to be continued until the first three months of pregnancy, because folic acid can be able to some extent.Reduce the possibility of abnormalities and deformities in fetal nerve tube.

Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy and pregnancy, folic acid is indispensable to avoid fetal malformations. Pregnant mothers need to take an appropriate amount of folic acid to ensure the development and growth of the fetus.

2. Routine medical examinations and abnormal examinations need to be paid attention to

Generally, as long as women determine the moment they are pregnant, they should accept regular production inspections. Once problems occur, they can solve them in time to avoid harm to pregnant women and fetuses.

Routine examination is an important guarantee to ensure good fetal development state. Comprehensive discharge testing is also very important, especially in about the 25th weeks during pregnancy. The four -dimensional arranging abnormalities are of great significance to the fetus and pregnant women.Healthy and deformed, and also gives pregnant mothers a safe heart.

3. The drugs during pregnancy need to be very cautious

In fact, the data shows that many malformed fetuses will cause the fetus to have congenital deformities because the pregnant woman does not follow the doctor’s advice during pregnancy.

Therefore, after pregnant mothers, even after a small cold, they must confirm with the doctor before they can take the medicine. Do not make their own clever and self -proper claims. Based on past experience or use the drug freely, this is likely to directly cause the fetus to directly cause the fetusFar factors.

There is a healthy baby’s expectation of many mothers and families. Some pregnant women will be nervous about this and care about the changes in their bodies. They are disturbed and embarrassed when eating, watching TV, and sleeping.What changes or are not developing well, but in fact, pregnant mothers do not need to have such a glass heart at all. They scare themselves enough. You only need to do precautions during pregnancy. The fetal treasure is not as fragile as you think.

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