Don’t be nervous during ovulation!

Bleeding during ovulation occurred in the middle of the menstrual period. Due to the short decrease of estrogen levels, the endometrium loss of the endometrium caused some endometrium to fall off and cause regular vaginal bleeding, which is called ovulation bleeding.Traditional Chinese medicine is called "inter -meridian bleeding."

Is bleeding during ovulation normal?

The cause of ovulation bleeding can be divided into physiological causes or pathological causes.The physiological cause is normal. Of course, if it is a pathological reason, it is not normal, and you need to go to the hospital immediately.If ovulation bleeding is normal, it is normal. The physiological cause of bleeding during ovulation is: before ovulation, estrogen levels reach the peak, ovulation, mature follicles rupture, eggs discharge, and estrogen levels fall rapidly, causing estrogen to cause estrogen to cause estrogen.A little bleeding occurs in the endometrium that is nutritious and has a hyperplasia reactions.Under normal circumstances, this bleeding is extremely short (about 1 hour-2 hours), and you can only see red blood cells in the leucorrhea under the microscope.The duration of vaginal bleeding visible to the naked eye can be a few hours, or 3 to 5 days, but it rarely reaches more than 7 days.It is also possible that when the fallopian tube umbrella is taken egg, the blood -containing follicular liquid is sent to the uterine cavity via the uterine cavity and then flows out of the vagina.However, if it is a pathological bleeding, it is not normal. Everyone should go to the hospital for diagnosis in time. Do not delay.

The main causes of bleeding during ovulation are the following. See which one you belong to:

1. Hormone levels fluctuate too much.After ovulation, the level of estrogen decreases rapidly, causing the endometrium that is affected by estrogen and the endometrium that is hyperplasia.

2. Chronic inflammation of the endometrium, which makes the endometrium congested obvious during ovulation, or when ovulation, the blood vessels on the surface of the ovary can be ruptured, the bleeding increases compared with the normal amount, and the ovulation is peristalized to the uterine cavity, and the vagina is discharged from the body through the vagina.

Pathological causes of bleeding during ovulation:

1. Functional uterine hemorrhage and plants, ethylene estrogen, and contraceptive drugs can cause vaginal hemorrhage after discontinuation.

2. Platelet reduction purpura, leukemia, and liver function damage cause vaginal redness, and the skin has bleeding points.

3. Irregular bleeding after menopause occurs. It occurs among women with childbearing age. The first consideration is pregnancy -related diseases, such as abortion, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, malignant hydatidal, and chorionic epithelium cancer.

4. Uterine fibroids, uterine muscles, cervical cancer, uterine carcinoma, and granular celloma in the ovarian can cause vaginal bleeding and accompanied by red leucorrhea.

5. Elderly vaginitis, cervical erosion, and cervical polyps are mostly fresh bleeding after gynecological examination or sexual life. Usually there may be blood leucorrhea (sometimes leucorrhea is high -beam rice soup or amber)The endometrium proliferation can also cause vaginal bleeding, so ladies should keep clean about their personal hygiene.

Clinical manifestations of bleeding during ovulation:

Bleeding during ovulation, that is, mid -menstrual bleeding, refers to a small amount of bleeding between two normal menstruation, which can be accompanied by small abdominal pain.The clinical manifestations of bleeding are as follows:

1. Uterine bleeding.During the menstrual cycle with ovulation, uterine bleeding during ovulation occurs, and the amount of bleeding is small. Some are only coffee secretions. Generally, it can be stopped by itself for 2-3 days, with a maximum of 7 days.

2. Abdominal pain.Periodic pain during periodic menstrual periods can be mild or severe. Generally, it lasts for several hours. Individual patients can last for 2-3 days.

3. Infertility.It may be caused by bleeding during ovulation and missed the opportunity to conceive.Gynecological diseases look for eleven.

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