Don’t be afraid before giving birth, don’t worry about postpartum!How can you realize that you are good?

Since ancient times, Eve Yaman has tasted the ban, and there is no doubt that there is no doubt that it has an irresistible charm.

Although many people still feel ashamed, once the car comes, they want to enlarge the speed of speed and passion.

Of course, the road to sex is the first, and the couple must face the two special stages of pre -delivery and postpartum after giving birth. Keeping the speed of the car is moderate, plus some variables and drifts.

As a mother -in -law, my child and I have cooperated in the "several hundred million projects" for several years. It is time to make a report summary.

It’s absolutely not sleepy, get on the car!

Seeing the sadness and joy of the fairy family members, what is love?

Seeing the derailment of the world’s pregnancy during pregnancy, the scumbag is abominable!

Oil poetry is ugly. Indeed, many people in order to protect the safety of pregnant women and children in the abdomen, or they are either to be practiced into a ninja or expose their faces.

But abstinence during pregnancy is prerequisite, otherwise you can bear it for ten months?I can’t bear it!

In terms of time: endure in the early pregnancy and the third trimester

The early pregnancy is the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, which is about three months of pregnancy.

During this period, the embryo has not stood in the uterus and stimulates it, which is likely to induce premature risk.

At that time, I was still dizzy, and my emotions seemed to be in a roller coaster. I just wanted to follow the child’s father’s face.

The third trimester refers to after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

At this time, the uterus and the vagina were ready for the birth of the child. The same room not only easily caused uterine cavity infection, but also stimulated the uterine to induce abortion.

Besides, my stomach was so big that it was difficult to turn over. The child and his dad also said that Yali Mountain was big. This car was overloaded.

Process: The movement must be stable, and special circumstances should be tolerated

Step in pregnancy, strength is the key, don’t be too deep, as gentle and gentle as possible.

My experience is that don’t be ashamed to express my current feelings. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, communicate with the baby’s father in time, which will make "cargo driving" more secure and comfortable.

In addition, some expectant mothers have threatened abortion, front placenta, incomplete cervical function, or have a history of premature birth, history of abortion, history of bleeding, etc. At this time, they must abstain from.

In addition to the above situations, there is no need to carry too much psychological pressure during pregnancy. As long as you shoot, you will be on fire, I believe that the baby will not have any opinions.

I used to be difficult to sleep, and I would also look forward to the pain and the baby’s father over the clouds after unloading. After giving birth, I was surprised that the operating system had been damaged by more than half!In order to recover the happiness of the past, I did a wave of homework.

After giving birth, how to cultivate "shrinking yin and magical power"?

I was mentally prepared for postpartum relaxation, but for the first time after unloading, I had a confrontation with the baby’s father. I had no sense of frustration. I didn’t say it.When I asked the people around me, they were all bitter tears.

But I found that the more shy people, the more willing they are willing to pay a lot of bidding IQ taxes on various kinds of dysentery. What is useful?

In fact, if you determine whether the postpartum sex life is harmonious, physiological still rely on muscle power.

The easiest and convenient to improve the postpartum vaginal relaxation is the Kiger Movement. As for the effect, who knows.

If you want to upgrade, you can also use the Kiger ball.

It can not only help you find the position of the internal force, but also help feel the size of the force.

The Kiger movement can not only improve the vaginal relaxation, optimize the peeping experience, but also correct the mild uterine prolapse.

Learn to use the muscle feeling when urinating, and even sit in the office to exercise:

Persist for 5 seconds, relax 10 meters, 10 groups in 10 times, and repeat 3 to 4 groups.

Generally speaking, after 8 weeks of Kagel exercise, you can clearly feel the improvement of the bottom muscle of the basin. Is this not fragrant compared to the "reducing Dafa" of labor and people?

I want to slap back pain, please be happy!

Many people find that the postpartum body is not much easier than the load during pregnancy, and often feels sore. In this case, it is generally necessary to blame the rectus muscle separation.

Postpartum abdominal muscles are difficult to support the weight of the abdomen. It is necessary to support the body with the strength of the back muscles. Back pain is inevitable.

So the question comes, shouldn’t it be the only one who is "sex" in this case?

Lake is second. The endorphin arirping during orgasm is better than pain relief drugs!

The only thing that needs to be spent is to find a friendly and comfortable posture–

It’s better to sit on, sit down, you can turn your noodles, try lying on your stomach.

By the way, don’t forget to put a pillow under the abdomen on the basis of 17 types, which can control the angle flexibly and relieve the pressure on the waist and back.

However, the individualization differences in this kind of posture are not small. I hope that the old drivers of the "body disabled" will not hesitate to enlighten me, gratitude!

The postpartum mothers were affected by hormones, and many people’s sexual desire showed a cliff -like decline.

Husbands are lonely, and in the face of the wife who concentrate on breeding the next generation, they have the meaning of being unable to get up and down from the moral high ground.

Sisters should be recommended here, if you love him, please don’t ignore his feelings.

Sexual needs and responsibility for family responsibility are not conflicting, and sometimes they become the first productive forces. Isn’t it "full of energy"!

Of course, when I do n’t keep my heart, I have any. My experience is to rely on some small toys and tips, which not only saves time and effort, but also can add icing on the cake.

In the first step, we can wake up our bodies first.You can better alleviate each other’s pressure first, and then please each other.

According to the "Investigation and Analysis Report of China’s Frozen Products Industry and Consumption Behavior in 2020", a married group like us will buy at least once in three months to one year, and "yellow" consumption is becoming more and more popular.

I personally think that compared with the simple and rudeness of some men’s toys, the design of women’s toys is more delicate and accurate.

Similar small props are completely relaxed by self -use, and interactive gameplay is also very exciting.According to the child’s father, the psychological pleasure obtained by the latter far surpassed the general sages mode, which is endless.

On the other hand, mobilizing the spirit of service with each other will also greatly improve satisfaction.After long -term communication with my husband, my husband and I were very clear about each other’s little hobby.In the process, learning to observe the body’s body language and facial expressions is also an essential skill for a caring lover.

Finally, try the combination of tongue+unspeakable combination. The more useful, the more flexible, the more surprises!

The above operation is second, and psychological will is the key.

If our energy is really limited, there is no need to blindly cater to each other.

After all, hello, I am good, it is really good.

However, if sexual desire is not equal, it is not the main contradiction between you. The small "third party" at home is. What should I do?

This requires everyone to understand each other. When my father brought the baby, the mother took the time to take a bath in the incense. When the child sleeps, you can always keep it warm for a few minutes?The express train is also a car!

Although this Aries thinks that sex is indispensable in intimacy, I also respect those marriages that have no sexual life.

For example, my girlfriend who sublimated early to Plato’s marriage relationship did not affect their soul partners at all, but did they have a physiological effect?

There are always rich speculation and misunderstandings about those who have no sexual life for a long time.

For example, if there is no pop -up for a long time, female hormone secretion will be affected and dysmenorrhea.

For example, if there is no pop -up for a long time, men may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

For another example, if there is no pop -up for a long time, the life span of a person will be shortened …

Stop!From a scientific point of view, there is no sexual life for a long time, and physiological changes are more sleeping time.

After having a baby, many times I can’t lift my eyelids. What is the popping?Let me lie more for a while!

Although it is wonderful, the "sex" is indeed unable to find it. It was like a paint like a paint, and now it may be brothers.

After all, the way to increase the color of husband and wife life is just one of them, not all.

I wish you a happy tonight.

Eating color also, are you an old driver of a happy drag racing?Take evidence!

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