Dong Qing’s works were removed by multiple platforms. They were suspected of being owed to the rich husband’s debt, and it was difficult to return to CCTV.

Some netizens found that many works of Dong Qing have been removed recently.The official of "Reader Lang" was empty.

Everything represents a signal, Dong Qing had an accident.The former CCTV sister, but now she has lost the end of the person, making people sigh.

Dong Qing’s famous road to fame

The cause of the whole thing may not be Dong Qing herself, but her husband Mi Chunlei.


Netizens speculated that Dong Qing should be involved by her husband’s debt.CCTV will not tolerate the host with any stains, not to mention the popular host like Dong Qing, so she can only leave the game sadly.

Dong Qing’s last time I participated in the CCTV program was two years ago, and she did not appear at the scene at the time, but just filmed a video to bless.

Regarding Dong Qing’s sudden disappearance, netizens talked about it, and found that Dong Qing himself was not easy. It was not accidental that she could become a sister of CCTV.

Before meeting Mi Chunlei, Dong Qing had a ex -boyfriend called Cheng Qian.Cheng Qian was the famous host of CCTV at that time, and Dong Qing was not at the beginning of CCTV, and she worked in a local Taiwan at that time.

Although she has a strong business ability, CCTV is the least lack of talents, and the strength of CCTV is very good.

Dong Qing realized clearly that he needed a chance.This opportunity will come soon.

Cheng Qian came to the work of Dong Qing’s work on a business trip. Before he came, Dong Qing already knew that this person who was hot in CCTV had great power. If he wanted to enter CCTV, Cheng Qian was undoubtedly a good opportunity.

At that time, Cheng Qiangang broke up with his girlfriend shortly, and he was in the empty window period of emotion. Dong Qing deliberately approached Cheng Qian very useful. Who can refuse a beauty?

In this way, Cheng Qian and Dong Qing were in love, and they were like paint.But soon, when Cheng was going back to CCTV, Dong Qing said he did not want to love with him.

It was when he was in love, Cheng Naturally couldn’t help his girlfriend.He promised Dong Qing that he took a step first, and soon he would pick her up to Beijing together.

After Cheng returned to CCTV, the first thing was to transfer Dong Qing to CCTV.With his status and Dong Qing’s ability, the two naturally met in Beijing very smoothly.

Dong Qing is strong, she just lacks a chance.After entering CCTV, Cheng Qian also gave her a lot of opportunities, and Dong Qing soon became a well -known host of CCTV.

"There is a poem with a poem." This sentence described Dong Qing to be suitable, and Dong Qing’s gentleness attracted many audiences.

Soon she reached the position of "Sister CCTV". At this time, Dong Qing’s status was far more than her boyfriend Cheng.

She began to look for the next goal of her life, so she broke up before her.

Although Cheng Qian was very reluctant, he still respected Dong Qing’s choice. He knew what he could not help Dong Qing.

CCTV’s sister name is actually

Dong Qing can go to this position, and her professional ability is absolutely strong.The first is her appearance. Dong Qing’s face was very atmospheric at a glance, and the typical Cathay Minhan face.

The host of CCTV looks good, but not everyone can have this feeling of Guotai and Menan, so Dong Qing’s face really provides her with a lot of help.

Of course, the most important thing is Dong Qing’s own business ability.On the Spring Festival Gala, her every move is just right.

Later, everyone said that it didn’t seem to be different from before.After that, the fire she hosted "Langlang" directly pushed her fame to the highest point.

In the show, Dong Qing performed generously, and his emotions were in place. There was no feeling of excessive force or arrogance.

The right performance on these programs is the result of Dong Qing’s hard work.

Before each show, Dong Qing will do a lot of homework, understand the life and feelings of this person, and feel the emotion on his own.

Some netizens once photographed that Dong Qing sometimes stayed in the studio in the early morning.She can be recognized by so many people, and naturally she has worked a lot.

Therefore, the fire of "Lang Reader" is inseparable from Dong Qing. It can be said that Dong Qing has achieved this show.

In the show, Dong Qing met some guests in a wheelchair. When he listened to the guest’s speech, Dong Qing chose to kneel down.

She kneeling countless people to praise. Everyone said that Dong Qing really knew very much. This kneeling showed the traditional Chinese virtue.

At that time, no one expected that Dong Qing would come to this point to this day.

Step in the wrong regret for life

Everything seems to have changed from the encounter by Dong Qing’s encounters. Mi Chunlei is a wealthy businessman. He used to be very rich, and he had billions of assets.

Dong Qing wanted to marry a wealthy businessman to live a more comfortable life, but the problem was that when Mi Chunlei met Dong Qing, he had not been cleaned with his wife.

Therefore, Dong Qing has always been questioned as a marriage of Michunlei, but this matter has to be verified.

CCTV cannot tolerate the host of the host. Although the show hosted by Dong Qing has become less, she has been staying in the unit and has not been eliminated. Obviously, Dong Qing’s incident is to be verified.

However, this incident caused Dong Qing’s perfect reputation to have a trace of cracks, and it was from this time that she questioned her more and more.

Dong Qing and Mi Chunlei were pregnant after they got married, but she announced at this time to go abroad for further studies.When choosing to go abroad during the peak of careers, many people felt that Dong Qing was really a indifferent person.

In fact, some netizens claimed that they met Dong Qing in the United States, and Dong Qing’s appearance was obviously pregnant.

This incident came a two -pole reversal, and the training of abroad became a child to the United States.The significance of the two things is completely different, which means that Dong Qing wants to make his child a U.S. nationality.

Many rich people and stars now choose to have children abroad, so there will be a lot of convenience in the future, which is a way to take a shortcut.

Netizens have criticized such behaviors and feel that this is a manifestation of not patriotism.

Now Dong Qing, a host, has done such a thing, and it is difficult for everyone to accept it for a while.

Until Dong Qing gave birth to her child, she never answered this question positively.

In an interview, did the host ask Dong Qing to patriot?Dong Qing affirmed without hesitation, but the host then asked, then why did you choose to have children abroad.

Dong Qing said that she just wanted the child to have a better educational environment, which made netizens feel that Dong Qing was looking down on domestic education in Chongyang Mei.

And when her reputation was in danger, the bankruptcy of Mi Chunlei was undoubtedly the last straw that crushed the camel.

Mi Chunlei was so strong at the time, and no one expected that he would have the day of bankruptcy.But in front of it, Mi Chunlei did go bankrupt and owed a lot of debt.

Mi Chunlei did not choose to pay debts, but quickly fled abroad to continue her good life.

This is not uncommon in business people. This kind of immoral behavior has always been talked about by netizens.

Michimi clearly had money but did not repay debts, and even with Dong Qing’s reputation was stink.

Dong Qing chose the latter between her career and family, and she fled abroad with Mi Chunlei.

As soon as Dong Qing left, her name on CCTV was quickly wiped out, which also announced that her career was completely ended.

A generation of CCTV sisters finally ended such an end, and netizens were unfortunate but also angry.

Dong Qing is not happy now, and Mi Chunlei and their ex -wife have a son.Dong Qing is going to be a stepmother. The son of Michi’s son treats Dong Qing very badly. Obviously, Mi Chunlei prefers his child even more.

So once was photographed, Dong Qing was fiercely shaken away by Mi Chunlei’s son on the road, and had to continue to follow the house. This kind of day to look at others’ faces was not good.

Now Dong Qing lives with Mi Chunlei abroad to live in Tibet, and she loses her career and she no longer pays attention to figure management.

The figure was very embarrassed, so she sat at the roadside stalls to eat very lonely, and her life was completely changed.

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