Dong Qing asked his son to enter the United States. When he saw the oath, public opinion pushed Dong Qing to the forefront.


From a young age, whether it is a parent or a teacher, since the child’s understanding, we have taught their children to respect their elders, filial piety to their parents, and love their own country, and the patriotic spirit has been inherited and continued by us.

However, whether it is many stars in our country or ordinary people, they have also joined the foreign nationality. Perhaps this is a personal free behavior, and we have no right to interfere.

However, some stars have been incomprehensible by many netizens after letting children join foreign citizenship.


Dong Qing is a well -known host we are familiar with. The style she hosted is witty and humorous, and there are almost no errors. Therefore, they are loved by many friends.

Of course, Dong Qing’s external image temperament can also be called a beautiful beauty, especially the appearance she laughed, which makes people feel particularly kind.

Of course, there is another reason for people who like Dong Qing, that is, she advocates that everyone wants to be patriotic in many programs, but also always pay for her country’s ability.

However, when Dong Qing was about to produce, he chose to go to the United States, and successfully gave birth to his son in the United States, and let his son join the US nationality.

When netizens knew this, many netizens came out to talk about Dong Qing.Dong Qing also responded to netizens in person. She said: Although letting her son join the US nationality, this has nothing to do with love or not, but she just wants the son’s learning environment to improve it.

However, after hearing Dong Qing’s answer, netizens did not buy it, especially when netizens saw the vows to read the U.S. nationality, and pushed Dong Qing to the cusp of public opinion.

In fact, netizens can understand Dong Qing’s vomiting. After all, everyone understands that the degree of patriotism is different. Some people think that patriotism must be loyal to their motherland and cannot leave their motherland, let alone join foreign nationality.

However, some people have different ideas, but we don’t go to the behavior of Dong Qing too much, but in the stage of children’s growth, parents should still teach correctly to allow children to have noble quality.

So?What should parents do?

1. First of all, let your children learn to respect and be polite

When parents educate their children, they must first let their children learn to respect and politeness. From the beginning of the child, they must teach their children to respect others to gain respect for others, and whether they are their teachers or older people, they must be polite.Essence

Of course, it is necessary to have the quality of Chinese teenagers, always safeguard the country’s interests, and not to violate the laws of the country. When you grow up, you can use your strength to report to the country.

2. Properly educate children how to be patriotic

When children enter the school, they basically learn some patriotic knowledge. Teachers will also teach children that our peaceful life is obtained by the great sacrifice of the martyrs.

Of course, parents also need to educate their children how to patriotism. This includes starting from a little bit of little things. If it does not harm the image of the country, does not have the dignity of the country, and when the country needsThis is the real patriotic.

3. Educate children to study hard and report to the motherland

With the improvement of people’s living standards, many parents choose to let their children go abroad. Of course, children from abroad from abroad are good.

However, when the country needs talents, parents should educate their children to return to the motherland at all times.Of course, this requires children to study hard since childhood.

At the same time, parents must also cultivate their children’s interest in their learning. Only by continuous efforts can they become useful talents.


Everyone’s ideas are different. Of course, every parent is used when educating their children, and the way they use will be different.

We can’t evaluate the practice of changing their nationality for the children to change their nationality. We just advocate that whether it is a star or ordinary person, we should have a patriotic heart.

So will you let him join the foreign nationality when your child grows up?What do you think of patriotism?Welcome to share your point of view, let’s discuss together.

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