Donatopawater is naturally pregnant or IVF?She was pregnant and pregnant

The tubal stagnation has made many infertile women’s smell changing, and they all have the same question:

"What should I do if my fallopian tube is water?"

"Is the fallopian tubal stagnation ligated? Or is it better to remove it?"

"Can I still conceive my baby naturally?"

Their doubts represent many doubts in the minds of many female friends who are facing the same problem.So, can the tubal stagnation still get pregnant?How to treat it?Let’s take a look at Ms. Wang’s pregnancy experience first, and see how she "overcome" the fallopian tube accumulation ↓↓↓

Ms. Wang was not pregnant for two years after marriage. She was checked in a local hospital and found that it was the fallopian tubal water. The doctor told her that the hope of pregnancy was relatively low.Ms. Wang, who was unwilling to change, changed her hospital to see a doctor. The doctor here directly recommended her to do test tubes and told her that she was naturally pregnant naturally.After going back, Ms. Wang had discussed with her lover for a long time. After a long consideration from the aspects of financial, energy and material resources, she was determined to try a natural pregnancy.

After many inquiries, Ms. Wang’s couple in May 2022, she was careful to see the fallopian tubes with a careful thought of seeking consultation …

After a preliminary understanding of Ms. Wang ’s description of the above condition, she arranged for her inspection. The results of painless and non -intertwined fallopian tubes showed that the left fallopian tube moderate water accumulated;water.

As soon as Ms. Wang heard it, I felt that the hope was slim and asked me frustrated: "Dr. Qiao, can I still treat natural pregnancy? Can I really do test tubes? The doctor in our there asked me to do a test tube."

This question asked about a high level, which is enough to see that her expectations for natural pregnancy are very high. I patiently explained: "IVF treatment is that there is no way for your fallopian tubes to treat.It can’t be 100%guaranteed. Therefore, I suggest that you prefer the tubal intervention and dredging treatment, or rely on natural pregnancy. "

After detailed analysis of the condition and formulating targeted treatment plans, Ms. Wang’s confidence in natural pregnancy has also strengthened a lot.

Subsequently, Ms. Wang conducted tubal intervention in the tubal in our hospital. The bilateral fallopian tubes were accompanied by moderate accumulated water. Bilateral chronic tubulitis and fallopian tube peristalsis were poor.After surgery, physical therapy and drug conditioning are performed according to the current dharma umbrella end function to restore the normal function of the fallopian tube.

When I came to the hospital for review in August, the result really made Ms. Wang see hope: moderate water accumulation turned to mild water, and the fluctuation function of the fallopian tube also improved significantly compared with the previous.

This time, Ms. Wang took the initiative to continue to follow up with a series of related series of treatment plans to repair the fallopian tubes. The next day, due to the epidemic cause, remotely guided Ms. Wang to monitor follicle trials online.

Soon, Ms. Wang found that she was really pregnant, and her huge joy surrounded her instantly.The first time she gave me a good news on WeChat. She said, "The surprise is too violent. I really can’t think that the fallopian tubes of the water can be pregnant naturally, very happy!"

In the voice and negation of others, she always insists on treatment and does not give up the hope of natural pregnancy, so she cares for her!Congratulations to this expectant mother, I wish you all the best during pregnancy!

Dr. Qiao’s warm reminder

What treatment methods are selected by fallopian tubes? It is mainly selected through factors such as the degree of water accumulation, symptoms, ovarian functions, age, and fertility methods of the fallopian tube accumulation.It is recommended that patients with tubal stagnation choose to go to the doctor in time. We will choose the optimal non -invasive treatment plan for you according to your condition.Delaying will only delay the pregnancy time, and even lead to worsening the condition.

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