Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?After reading the death of these fetuses, I dare not dare to be abortion anymore

Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?

We often see some crowded advertisements on television or streets, especially the painless flow of people.Is there no pain when there is a abortion surgery?Doesn’t it hurt, will the baby baby not hurt?

Just last year, Xiao Yu Baba had a friend to have a second child. He was checked as a girl through some channels, so he had an induction of labor.For the next two consecutive months, this friend dreamed of this dead baby every day and almost got depression.This year she was pregnant and told her husband directly that I must have a boy and girl, if you don’t want it, we will divorce.Because he saw what his daughter was induced by himself, it was terrible.

Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?

Today, Xiaoyu Baba sorted out various common methods of abortion. Maybe after reading it, you won’t go to the abortion tires, especially the Yueyue sub -output.

This method can be used within 49 days of pregnancy.Pregnant women caused contractions by taking medicine to cause the fetus to fall off naturally.However, if it is not clean, you need to perform surgery of the palace.

Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?

Use an instrument to expand the birth canal and use an instrument with inhalation (the principle of a vacuum cleaner) to absorb the fetus.In order to ensure safety, the palace surgery will be performed later.

Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?

This method is suitable for mid -pregnancy.This is to expand the birth canal and then stretches into the palace with a long tweeter to smash the fetus, and then take it out little by little.In fact, this method is equivalent to dismembered the fetus!

Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?

This is suitable for late pregnancy.By injection for mothers, the fetus dies.Wait until 24 to 48 hours of death and produce the fetus.

Does the fetus hurt when the flow of people?

My friend is the third way of flow.Seeing his baby took it out little by little, the mood at that time was unable to appreciate others.So although this matter has passed for more than a year, she cried and cried every time she mentioned it with us.

Therefore, you must cherish your life. If you are not ready to welcome your new life, then please take safety measures.After you see so many methods, will you feel as distressed as Xiaoyu Baba?

What would you do if you think your mother -in -law’s heavy men and women also let you have a miscarriage?Is it abortion or divorce to take the child yourself?Welcome to leave a message to tell me!If you like today’s sharing, actively forward the collection.

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