Does smoking make men’s fertility worse?Don’t hurry up to solve the road blocking on the road of fertility

Many men now have the habit of smoking, and some of them have been smoking for several years.Although it does not seem to have much impact on physical health, it will be serious once found.In addition to affecting men’s physical health, it will also hurt the fertility of men. Let us discuss this problem together.

Why does smoking affect men’s fertility ability?

Smoking can affect the fertility of men in two aspects.

The first aspect is to affect the secretion of male hormones,

The second aspect is to affect the quality and activity of sperm.Long -term smoking will cause the male male hormone to secrete too much too low, which will affect the function of men’s testicles. It will not only make men perform poorly in sexual life, but also reduce men’s fertility ability.

In addition, long -term smoking will also affect the sperm quality of men, which reduces the vitality of male sperm and rises. These conditions are not easy to get pregnant.Therefore, in order to maintain your fertility, in order not to make yourself infertility, it is king to quit smoking.

What other habits of men can affect fertility?

1. Don’t talk about hygiene

If you want to maintain your fertility, you must pay attention to your personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of private parts.If men do not pay attention to the care of private hygiene, they will affect the health of male reproductive organs. Some of the orrity diseases may affect men’s fertility.

2. I like to wear tights

Tight pants can better outline the leg shape, but if you especially like to wear tight pants, wearing every day is a adverse effect on men’s fertility ability.Long -term tight pants will increase the temperature of men’s private parts. Beyond the best growth and survival temperature of the sperm will affect the quality and quantity of sperm, which will make men’s fertility worse, and even cause men to suffer from infertility.Essence

3. Sitting for a long time

A large part of men sit in the office and work in the office. When working on the computer for a long time, it is easy to reduce their fertility ability without often.This is definitely not alarmist. There are more and more people who have infertility. They are related to these seemingly common habits.Long -term sitting state will not only increase the temperature of the male private parts, is not conducive to sperm survival, but also easily damage the health of the prostate, leading to prostate hyperplasia or prostatitis. This is not conducive to fertility.

The harm caused by smoking to men is not only as much as people imagined, but it even affects the fertility ability of men, causing men to suffer from infertility.I hope that men who like smoking can suddenly realize and quit smoking quickly. This is a good way for health.

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