Does smoking affect women’s menstruation and pregnancy?

——Mygs Gynecological Jinhui tells you

With the increasing responsibility and pressure of women in society and families, the number of female smokers is increasing. At present, female lung cancer has developed into the main disease of women’s death after breast cancer.

It is well known to smoking harmful health, but many people may not be clear about the harm of women’s menstruation and pregnancy.

Today I will tell the majority of female friends, what are the harm of smoking to women’s menstruation and pregnancy?

1. Smoking affects women’s beauty and female image.

Female smoking can cause bad breath, hoarse sound, and the charm of women will be greatly reduced, and the carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes will be combined with hemoglobin in the body, which greatly reduces the ability of blood oxygen.In the state of malnutrition, it will cause hypoxia, losing elasticity and luster, and making women’s skin yellow, rough, and accelerating aging.

2. Smoking affects women’s respiratory system.

Because women’s respiratory system is relatively narrow compared to the respiratory system of men, it is also more sensitive to tobacco.The incidence is also higher.

3. Smoking affects women’s endocrine.

Everyone knows that women’s endocrine hormone secretion is related to the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and ovaries. Women are inseparable from hormone regulation whether they are outside beauty or inner health.Cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine, which can greatly reduce the secretion of estrogen in women, which leads to irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and even premature ovarian failure.

4. Smoking is easy to increase the side effects of short -acting contraceptives.

Many women take oral short -acting contraceptives as a conventional contraceptive method. General short -acting contraceptives can be taken to 40 years old, which is safer.However, women with smoking hobbies generally recommend orally to 35 years old because smoking can easily lead to a great increase in the risk of female thrombosis.

5. Smoking has a greater impact on pregnant women.

Because cigarette contains a large amount of nicotine, it will cause the blood vessel shrinkage of the peripheral peripheral of the human body, it is easy to affect the elasticity of the blood vessels, it is easy to cause placental thrombosis, resulting in the reduction of blood from the placenta transport to the fetus.Disadvantage, slow development, and even caused premature fetal birth, abortion, fetal malformations or dead tires.

Therefore, smoking is very harmful to women. It is very unfavorable to women’s external beauty or inner health. Women with such smoking hobbies should calmly consider weighing weighing.

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