Does obesity affect fertility?Can I be a IVF pregnancy?

"A white cover is ugly, and one fat destroys everything." Obesity is still a sensitive word for the current era.Everyone knows that obesity is not good for health, but never expected that the fertility of obese people was also affected.

The impact of obesity on fertility

1 The impact of obesity on women’s fertility

Obesity will cause female ovulation in age -age period to be obstacle, irregular menstruation, and phenomena resistance of high androgens and insulin, and will affect the quality of eggs and embryos. In the rate of infertility, obese women are much higher than normal women.

For women with polycysts, obesity will make patients’ insulin resistance more serious and make the disease more difficult to treat.Among IVF, obese women may need more promotional discharge and take a longer period of time to achieve a certain effect, and may reduce the pregnancy rate of bed rate.

2 The impact of obesity on men’s fertility

If men are too obese, the fat in the abdomen will accumulate and increase the temperature of the testicles, which will affect the production of sperm.And too much obesity of men will make the level of estrogen higher.Related animal experiments have shown that if the estrogen level is too high in the blood, the sperm will be affected.

3 The influence of obesity on IVF women is generally irregularly affected by irregular menstruation, and endocrine will be affected.And obesity can also affect women’s conception and make women’s pregnancy difficulty.Excessive obesity can cause the unclear time of the B overtime image to affect the performers, and too much obesity will increase the difficulty of egg retrieval surgery and affect the pregnancy rate of IVF.

Remember to not take weight loss pills!

Obesity is not conducive to fertility, and it also affects the success rate of IVF.For patients with obesity, it is generally recommended to lose weight appropriately.In order to improve the possibility of conception, many women even want to quickly achieve the purpose of weight loss by taking diet pills.

This is inexplicable, especially for patients who want to try tubular pregnancy, weight loss pills often bring health hazards.

The impact of weight loss pills on pregnancy: ① The hormone components in weight loss pills can easily cause endocrine disorders of the body. Long -term use will cause symptoms such as irregular menstruation, which not only affects normal ovulation, but also affects fertility and causes infertility.② Before entering the test tube cycle, the patient’s function and hormone level need to be intervened after being stable.The use of weight loss pills will cause unstable hormones in the body, affecting the test tube normally.③ Take weight loss drugs within 3 months of pregnancy may cause fetal malformations and affect the health of the fetus.

For families who need to lose weight, exercise is the most ideal and scientific way, and if you want to take diet pills, it is recommended that you still don’t try it.

If you have to lose weight through weight loss pills, you must pay attention to take it reasonably when taking weight loss pills. It is best to take it under the advice of a doctor. The medicine should be stopped as soon as possible before the test tube.

Suggestions of weight loss: 1. Improve diet: Ensure the balanced diet of the three diets, pay attention to the supplement of calcium and folic acid.Drink milk appropriately and eat fresh fruits and fruits and nuts.2. Maintain healthy weight: You can choose some low -fat foods before pregnancy, and exercise properly with a balanced diet to gradually reduce your weight.Influence.3. Formulate a reasonable weight loss plan: Establishing a good plan can make you more active and relaxed during the preparation of pregnancy. You can take a walk appropriately, jogging and other aerobic exercises, and prohibit excessive exercise.4. Before the husband and wife are reduced before the IVF, if both husband and wife are too obese, they need to lose weight together, because obesity will also affect men’s sperm, so in order to have good quality embryos, the two parties can lose weight together and supervise each other.This can also persist well.

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