Does nephritis affect pregnancy?Inventory of the five major hazards of nephritis, do you dare to despise nephritis?

Nephritis is a relatively serious kidney disease, and the impact on patients with different constitutions is also different. Some patients will only experience symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, and proteinuria after illness.The influence is even needed to rest for a long time, so the damage caused by nephritis to the human body cannot be underestimated.

Whether nephritis affects pregnancy must be determined according to specific circumstances.Generally, nephritis does not affect the patient’s reproductive system and hormone secretion. Therefore, patients with stable condition or patients who are still in early stages can generally get pregnant normally.However, if the patient’s condition is more serious and even a large amount of proteinuria occurs, it is not recommended to get pregnant, otherwise the condition will increase.

1. Urinary tract infection

If nephritis does not get effective control, there is great possibility that can cause urinary tract infections.Although the development of the kidneys and urinary systems of adult patients has matured, and rarely causes renal scar or functional loss due to nephritis, if it is combined with diabetes, urinary tract stones and urinary tract obstruction, it will be greatly likely to be due toNephritis causes sexual damage to the kidneys, and even loses renal function in severe cases.

2. Treatment of systemic symptoms

Some patients with low immunity can also experience systemic symptoms, such as high fever, cold war, frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain, and low back pain.If it fails to get timely treatment and control, the renal function will continue to decrease, which will promote the increase in the chance of hypertension and uremia.

3. Neuropathy

If patients have experienced symptoms of vomiting and fever, and blood sugar rise at the same time, it should be paid attention to. If you cannot control blood sugar well, it will cause neurological lesions, such as neurological bladder. Therefore, patients with nephritis should be at any time.To monitor your blood sugar, if you have any motion, you must consult a doctor and scientifically and reasonably use it.

4. Causes pelvis and internal advice of the renal

If nephritis has repeatedly occurred, it can also cause multiple scars, causing the internal renal obstruction and deformation of the renal renal.In addition, if the acute phase nephritis is not effective, some bacterial antibodies will be left in the lesion, which stimulates the body to produce antibodies and keep the inflammation. In the end, it will be transformed into chronic nephritis.

5. Cause infection

The development of nephritis to a certain extent will lead to a large amount of protein loss, immune dysfunction, and malnutrition, which can easily lead to various infections, such as skin infections, urinary tract and respiratory system infections.The seizures have further aggravated the condition.Although there are currently many antibiotics to choose from, if the treatment is not timely or incomplete, the acute episodes of chronic nephritis may still occur.

Kind tips

If nephritis develops to chronic nephritis with anemia, it will cause substantial damage to the renal, and cause anemia, abnormal lymphocyte function, platelet function abnormalities and coagulation disorders, causing great damage to the patient’s body.Therefore, patients with nephritis should take positive and effective treatment, obey the doctor’s instructions during the treatment, and quantitative medication on time. Do not stop the drug or reduce the dose due to the disorders.

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