Doctors often mention "avoid spicy", do you just do n’t eat pepper?Wrong, don’t eat these!

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I believe that when many people go to the hospital to see a doctor, after the doctor prescribes the medicine, they will tell them that they must avoid spicy.

Many people think of of course that as long as they do n’t eat chili foods, they are not in fact. Many foods that look not chili do not eat, otherwise they will only have a negative impact on their own health.

Xiao Liu had a small operation not long ago, and the doctor suggested that he must avoid spicy.Therefore, her husband made a lot of dishes that did not put chili. Xiao Liu looked at the dishes in front of him, and he had no appetite at all.

But there is no way, since the doctor has told that for his own health, he must also obey the doctor’s instructions.

One day she wanted to eat garlic steamed eggplant, but after her husband checked it, she told her not to eat this dish, and after asking the professionals, her husband also told Xiao Liu that it was not just chili, garlic, coriander, etc.You can’t eat meat.

Xiao Liu felt that there was no hope in his life at an instant. He could only look at those foods, but couldn’t eat it at all.In fact, many people have no professional cognition to the doctors and do not have professional cognition. They think that as long as they do not eat foods with pepper.

It is not just that the disease that requires surgery should not be spicy. Many small diseases of a cold and fever need to be spicy.The reason why doctors say so are mainly because of the following two reasons.

One is that spicy foods will affect the efficacy of subsequent drugs. Spicy drugs will cause a certain stimulation to the stomach. The drugs taken in follow -up have no effect and even have negative effects.

The second is that spicy foods cause some inflammation. Spicy foods will cause more burdens on the stomach and intestines. Many people also say that if you eat more peppers, the public will get angry.The so -called fire is also because of the stimulus caused by spicy food.

Obviously, there is a certain reason for avoiding spicy spicy. If patients want to restore health better and faster, it is best to obey the doctor’s instructions.

Only in this way can we reduce the pain caused by the disease and better and faster to restore health.Only by fully recovering, can you enjoy those foods.

Many people have misunderstandings about avoid spicyness. Spicy does not just refer to pepper. Everyone usually can’t think of many foods.

Many home -cooked vegetables are one of them, such as coriander, onion, etc., even if they do not have a spicy feeling, they can also have a certain irritation to the body, which is the same as the effect of pepper.

Therefore, if the doctor ordered to avoid spicy, they must remove these foods.

Daily seasoning, also known as pepper, octopus, green onion and garlic, also belong to spicy food.These condiments are more common among many foods, and no matter what dishes, these seasonings will be added more or less when they are doing.

However, these condiments will also affect the healing of the wound. If surgery is performed, don’t eat these condiments and keep a light diet.

Some drinks also have the same effect as chili.Especially those drinks containing coffee and alcohol, these drinks will slow down the recovery of the disease, and many drugs will cause negative reactions with alcohol, causing greater damage to the body.

Therefore, during the illness, it is best to drink more boiled water. Only the ingredients of white water are the cleanest and will not cause any negative impact on the body.

During the illness, it is best to eat more foods, first of all, eggs.Eggs contain a lot of nutrients, which can help people supplement protein and calcium elements.

Therefore, many doctors will recommend patients to eat more eggs and supplement nutritional ingredients as soon as possible to help the body recover as soon as possible.

The second is vegetables. Except for those vegetables that need special attention, most of them contain a lot of vitamins.

To a certain extent, the people’s immunity can be improved, and the vegetables will be lighter, so that it will not cause burden on the stomach and intestines, and it is more conducive to recovery.

Finally, eat more lean meat. Many doctors also persuade patients not to eat meat. In fact, the doctor said that the meat is fat. After all, the fat is very greasy. If the patient eats too much fatA certain burden is not conducive to subsequent digestion.

And lean meat is not necessarily. There are many proteins and minerals contained in lean meat, which can promote the recovery of body organs as soon as possible.

And in the process of making lean meat, it can be together with those vegetables that contain more vitamins. This is also a two -pronged approach, which can satisfy the appetite and restore physical health. Why not?

Many times, the reason why the people are sick is because there is no scruples in eating, and the illness still makes sense.

Whether it is a healthy person or a patient, you need to pay attention to your usual eating habits, strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, and restore your physical health faster.

When eating, don’t eat those spicy foods all the time. The burden on the stomach and intestines will continue to intensify, which is not conducive to physical and mental health.

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