Doctors are difficult to do with self -medical, a doctor with anti -phospholipid syndrome successful pregnancy

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Ms. Zhang, 28 years old, a doctor in a hospital in Beijing, has been married for 4 years. She stopped the child for 7 weeks of pregnancy for 7 weeks.

Test: Anti-β2-GPI domain 1 antibody increased by 52.87; anti-membrane association A5 antibodies increased to 70.16; serum TNFα increased to 30.04; γ interferon increased at 23.96;The platelet aggregation rate rose to 88%; the proportion of blood medium-sized white intermediary-4/ CD3+CD8-ratio was 1.19%; γ interferon/ CD3+CD8-ratio increased to 23.96%; closed antibody negative.

Diagnosis: Anti -phospholipid syndrome.Treatment: Aspirin+ Meizhuo+ Low molecular heparin+ ossification trifle+ calcium polyl chlorine, after two months of medication, naturally pregnancy, add Bujia Le+ Daff Tong to 10 weeks of pregnancy;At 8 weeks of pregnancy, B -ultrasound can see fetal heart buds; 13 weeks of pregnancy B -ultrasound passed through, and everything was normal during pregnancy. On July 2, 2018, 39+1 week of pregnancy, a male treasure, weighing 7 pounds and 2 two, mother and child are safe, It’s the full moon now, congratulations!

Note: This article is edited and modified by the patient himself and the doctor, and was authorized by the patient’s consent. After reading, similar patients were deeply educated, inspired and encouraged, and expressed their sincere gratitude!

Hello everyone!

My surname is Zhang, and my career is a doctor.However, it is difficult for doctors to do medical, and doctors have many sadness and helplessness.My husband and brothers are four. He ranks the boss himself. In 2013, the boss, the second child, and the third child were married in the same year. After the first year of the marriage, the second child and the third child gave birth to a child.Graduate students gave up the child by themselves.I was pregnant in 2014. My husband and I were full of joy. My husband bought me a variety of pregnant women’s milk powder for me early. Pregnant women’s clothes were used for me, but I still couldn’t see the fetal heart buds in more than 7 weeks.Look, but after a week, the results were still the same, so I had to have a clear palace surgery.My husband and I thought that the fetal stopping was due to the pressure of my pregnancy while going to school. I comforted me to succeed next time, and I didn’t take it too seriously.After trimming, we were pregnant again in 2015. At that time, in order to keep the fetus, I also asked for leave with Ke Li. I couldn’t apply for night shifts.I couldn’t keep my child.I cried and called my mother -in -law, but in exchange for the complaints of my mother -in -law, complaining that I was not sensible, I knew that I told him when I was aborted, and I scolded me at the time.The first one led to several abortion in the future.At this time, my husband’s two younger brothers have their own two children. My pressure can be imagined. I am unwilling to go home during the New Year, because I know that there are already many people behind me.The word that cannot be raised in the countryside makes my father -in -law unable to lift his head.I cried and told my husband that we would adopt one. Whenever my husband always comforted me and said that it was okay. If we didn’t do it for two years, we would hold another one.This year, my husband and I knew what we knew at the time, and I did not find any problems.

In 2016, we were pregnant again. My husband was protecting me every time. He directly asked for a vacation to pick up me to get off work every day. When I went home in the evening, I was well washed on the rice end. Seeing blood in the 8th week.This time I was completely desperate. In the hall of the hospital, I cried on my husband’s legs. I told him that we would give up completely.He, but my husband still said in my ear, there are still many meaningful things in life. The child is just one of them. Even if there is no child, I don’t want me to want to divorce.Although I am grateful for my husband’s friendship, I also know my husband’s desire for children.Every time he was holding a friend’s house, he was reluctant to let go. I also knew that his classmates laughed at his infertility in secret, and he had shameed him.However, the failure of again and again has completely lost my confidence. Even if I can afford the time to test the pregnancy again and again, I can’t afford my body.I dream of a child of my own. Every time I walk on the road, I always envy from my heart.I told my husband why he was pregnant as simple, but I was so difficult. Why, my husband held my hand and silent.

Although I said to give up, I was always unwilling in my heart. As a doctor, I know that there must be a cause, but I do n’t know what to do with the obstetrics and gynecology, so I can find the literature to download it myself to download the literature and download it.Data, see what the reason will stop me repeated abortion tires.In the literature, I saw the disease of "anti -phospholipid antibody syndrome", which would lead to habitual abortion, but what could happen when I knew it.Is it caused by this disease? I checked the immune -related antibodies myself and did not find out any positive results, but I still dare not get pregnant easily, and I can’t afford to hurt.

I know that the reproductive department of the Third Hospital of Bei Medical is better, so I searched the relevant information on the Internet. Until one chance, I heard a netizen mentioned that Professor Liu Xiangyuan looked at the immune -related abortion. I knew that Director Liu was the person I was looking for.I went to Director Liu during the next night shift. I did not expect that Director Liu really added me.I clearly remember the days of that day. On May 24, 2017, the director saw that I was still seeing a batch of patients at noon.The number had to temporarily change a clinic to continue watching.As a doctor, I know the hard work of seeing the doctor. I did n’t see the director come out of the toilet once in the morning. The director finally saw it for me. I chose me some inspection items.I gave me a two -month number and asked me to take the test results to find him.The director also boasted that I was smart to find a lot of detours in his province early.I watched these inspection projects, and I probably don’t want to see how many documents I read. I speculate that these projects of the Director are ahead of China.

After 2 months, the results came out. The director told me that it was indeed an antichen antibody syndrome. After prescribing the medicine, I asked me to go home. The director asked me to rest assured to go home and take the medicine for two months.success.I cried and called my husband who was on a business trip far away and said that the cause of repeated miscarriage for so many years was found. This time, the director will be able to achieve it, and my husband is also very happy on the phone.God is really upset. I started to get pregnant naturally in October in October in August. After pregnancy, I simply took a leave at home to rest in bed, but I waited for more than 7 weeks and still had no fetal heart buds.The husband called and told him that it was useless. We had no children in our lives.With the last line hoping to be anxious, I would like to ask the director to regulate me. I think only to see the director can make me see hope. The director instructed me to rest at home and don’t run around. I saw my test on WeChat.I guided me for medication. I used the medicine according to the director’s instructions. After another week, I saw the B -ultrasound. I saw the fetal heart buds.This is the first time I have been married for more than five years. I saw fetal heart sprouts for the first time in four or five times.If you have any discomfort or need to be adjusted, you always ask the director on WeChat, and the director will reply to me no matter how late.I remember that I sent a red envelope to the director at the time to collect the director as my registration fee, but the director did not get it.

Throughout the medication, I was always worried about the side effects of the drugs, but Tang Si, the row of deformedness, and the heart ultrasound were smooth, and the inner anxiety was relieved a little bit.I follow the director’s instructions to add and subtract the dosage on time, until 38+6 breaks the water in the morning and is still injected with low molecular heparin. 39+1 finally gives birth to a big fat boy, 7 pounds and 2 two. My mother watched the child grow up day by day.Quietly revealed to me that she has been worried about whether she would have a silly child after using so many medicines.But it turns out that my son is not stupid, has a sensitive response, and the body indicators are normal. Just 70 cm and more than 21 pounds just 7 months.Seeing my child’s healthy and healthy, my husband’s uncle told me how much they regretted making my husband marrying me who couldn’t have a child. Even if I had a good job, I couldn’t have a child.Look at me.At this time, I really realized that the doctor’s heart was benevolent. The true meaning of the sincere doctor was that Director Liu became my family. It was the director who took me and my husband and my parents.The big family raised his head to speak.I thanked Da En Dade, but I could only write a few small texts to tell the sisters. Do n’t be afraid of the difficulties for a while.Director, with our respectable director, escorted our wishes for our parents.Thank you for our director, how can we report this kind of great virtue.

Ms. Zhang’s lunar calendar on the seventh day of the first month of the month

Liu Zhenhua (Doctor, Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Department of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Baoding Hospital in Hebei)

Since ancient times, China has the sayings of "there is no filial piety, no afterwards", and Ms. Zhang, who is also a medical worker, has been married for 4 years, and has been stopped once in 7 weeks of pregnancy for 7 weeks.In the face of the reality of the younger brothers, the pressure they bear is invisible and huge.Ms. Zhang cried to her mother -in -law after the first fetus stopped. Only complaints were in exchange. For Ms. Zhang, it was definitely extremely aggrieved and painful. I imagined that a woman had just lost her little life and was from her mother -in -law.Black blame and understanding, and the point of pointing behind the relatives after the relatives. In such a situation, I think it should not be to bear every woman. Its pain and despair can be imagined.

After experiencing two fetal stops, Ms. Zhang suspected that she could not have childbirth. She also planned to divorce her husband and let her husband marry again, which shows that she was under pressure and confusion at the time.Fortunately, she has a husband who really feels like and tolerate her, and lets her survive the sad period.

As a doctor, she wants to work hard to find the reason for her repeated fetal stops. "Anti -phospholipid syndrome" entered Ms. Zhang’s vision.Diseases, the obstetrics and gynecology department and reproductive department of ordinary hospitals cannot give her a satisfactory answer.Fortunately, she accidentally learned that Director Liu through a netizen, the director overtime and added to her to diagnose and treat her many similar sisters. After a systematic inspection and testing, Ms. Zhang was finally diagnosed as "anti -phospholipid syndrome".She prescribed a good plan and naturally became pregnant after taking the medicine for 2 months. However, there was no fetal heart bud in 7 weeks of pregnancy. The previous experience made Ms. Zhang feel desperate again. On the verge of deciding to give up, she found the last "helping life life."Straw", under the careful guidance of Director Liu, Ms. Zhang finally saw hope that there was no special circumstances during the entire pregnancy. On July 2, 2018, she gave birth to male treasures.Now the child’s response is sensitive, and the physical indicators are normal.Congratulations to Ms. Zhang, and I really admire Director Liu’s medical skills and medical ethics. The director saved not only the patients with repeated miscarriage, but also the families behind him.Aspirations also allowed family one after another to avoid rupture!

Yin Weining (Doctor, Jiulu County Hospital, Xingtai City, Hebei)

Ms. Zhang, who was a physician, was the first pregnancy after marriage due to the temporary unwilling to stop pregnancy. After that, it was unsatisfactory.abortion.

With the development of social trends, more and more young people, such as unmarried co -owners, are newly married and do not need children for the time being, because they do not know much about contraceptive measures, or because other unsafe factors can cause women to get pregnant unexpectedly because of other unsafe factors.The probability is greatly increased. Many people choose to temporarily give up the idea of giving birth to children, so they go to the hospital for abortion surgery.As everyone knows, abortion surgery may cause a series of complications such as infection, bleeding, secondary infertility, and endometriosis, which will really have a certain impact on future fertility.

Although it has an impact, it is a minority that leads to serious consequences.Ms. Zhang should also be thinking about the head of Japan.However, after experiencing the failure again and again, her mother -in -law’s complaints, her friends’ sarcasm, and made her heart completely desperate.It is also a woman.I said giving up, but my heart was full of unwillingness.Check the information by herself and find the cause, but it is still difficult for the doctor to do it, so she asked for help and gynecologists.The bad pregnancy caused by immune factors has not been recognized by doctors, and doctors in obstetrics and gynecology have no way to start.

A doctor or a patient who encountered repeated pregnancy failure to the poverty of repeated pregnancy failure has limited his imagination of his cause of investigation and diagnosis and treatment.Traditional obstetrics and gynecologists and reproductive doctors are really inferior to emerging rheumatologists!What is the anti -membrane association A5?What is the relationship between serum TNF-α?These really limited our imagination.

The road to study and cognition under my feet is still long. I am willing to learn what to do under the leadership of rheumatology and immunology teachers and solve problems for many sisters of many immunohistic pregnancy.

Guo Qianyu (Doctor, Rheumatology and Immunology of Shanxi Hospital)

As a doctor, although she has a high degree and a respectable occupation, she is facing abortion once and facing her uncle to the husband’s family.Even as a doctor, Ms. Zhang, she is so powerless in front of the disease, so vulnerable!The "None of the Big" in the Chinese bone marrow can really stifle how many couples’ love and marriage, and even can deprive the living life!

Seeing Ms. Zhang’s gratitude to Professor Liu from the heart, I was also deeply infected. I could experience her helplessness to life, owed to the family, and even the dislike of herself, but Professor Liu gave her life to life to life to life.Hope to preserve the family, almost pulled her back to the light from the darkness, and a cheerful smile patronized her again. The kindness of gratitude was indifferent.

This time Ms. Zhang encountered the problem of anti -phospholipid syndrome. Why did the ten evil guys poison these young girls like a sister -in -law and stop the fetuses again and again.Let’s face this murderer.This patient has a variety of atypical self -positive anti -body, abnormal immune function, dominated by TH1 immunization, and abnormal coagulation function. After the success of the patient with immune regulation, anticoagulant, blood plate agglomeration, etc.The fat son went home. This has to be said to be a miracle. From the perspective of Ms. Zhang as a doctor, observing the child has no abnormalities, which also shows the safety of these drugs to the fetus.As a member of this tire protection team, I also sincerely wish patients like Ms. Zhang in the end to get happiness.Intersection

Zong Shihua (doctor, Yantai Mountain Hospital, Yantai City, Shandong Province)

It is really a doctor who is not self -medical. Ms. Zhang, 28, is a doctor in Beijing. She has been married for 4 years, but has always been tortured by bad pregnancy and has never been able to have her own children.Fortunately, Director Liu Xiangyuan who met, under the intervention of a series of drugs, successfully conceived and gave birth to a male treasure. He was also a doctor. Congratulations to Dr. Zhang.

Looking back at Ms. Zhang’s unfortunate experience, why she was a doctor, but she could not find the cause of repeated tires. I think a very important reason is that she does not know enough to fight phospholipid antibodies.Most doctors know the traditional anti -phospholipid antibodies, but few doctors know atypical anti -phospholipid antibodies.Ms. Zhang’s test sheet proposed that the positive is two atypical atypical anti -phospholipid antibodies.Among them, the antibody domain of the Anti-β2-GPI domain is related to thrombosis and pathogenic pregnancy. The IGG subtype is significantly related to the tire stops of more than 10 weeks and the premature birth of less than 34 weeks.Although the anticipulin A5 antibody is not clearly correlated with the morbid pregnancy, it has been reported that the IgG subtype type is significantly related to the recurrence of unknown reasons.

At present, many doctors believe that a considerable part of patients with recurrent abortion cannot be found.As everyone knows, there must be a cause.The positive of the atypical anti -phospholipid antibody is likely to be part of the reason for this unknown reason. I hope that more doctors and scientific researchers understand and understand these antibodies. I look forward to these antibodies can be used as clinically as soon as possible and to the greatest extent to serve the maximum extent.The majority of bad pregnancy women.

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