Do you want to pull your wisdom teeth?Beijing Stomatoscopy: After reading this article, there will be an answer.

● Smart teeth have pain a few days ago, and I don’t have pain recently. Do you want to pull up?

● Smart teeth have not hurt, why do the doctor still suggest that I unplug it?

Most people grow wisdom teeth, but should wisdom teeth be pulled up?Listen to the advice of a professional dentist!

Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with IQ


Smart teeth refer to the third molar on the alveolar bone.

Generally speaking, most people start from the incisor seams, from one side tooth to the back. If there are eighth teeth, it is a wisdom tooth.

"Smart" teeth, will the wise teeth affect IQ?

Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with IQ!

Because it is usually between 16 and 30 years old, it is the symbol of "wisdom" when the human body and psychological development are close to maturity at this time, so they are called "wisdom teeth".

Of course, because of the differences in the human body, the time of long wisdom teeth is not fixed. Some people grow around 20 years old, while some people grow up at the age of 40, and some people may not grow their wisdom teeth throughout their lives.

In theory, people should have four wisdom teeth, but they generally do not come out. Many people will only grow one or two. It is also possible that the wisdom teeth are completely ambush, and the hidden dangers and removal difficulty are relatively difficult.

Do you want to pull the wisdom teeth?


In most cases, wisdom teeth play villain characters in oral health. If you meet the following symptoms, it is recommended that you still have a long pain than short pain — plug!


Repeated inflammation

Food residues are often left in teeth and gums, which are not easy to clean. It is easy to induce crown inflammation, swollen and painful.


Wisdom tooth

Deep caries (also known as insect teeth, tooth decay), or unhealthy positions, deep positions, deep positions, etc. of wisdom teeth.Cause neuralgia and pulpitis.


Disagatal relationship with neighboring teeth

Insufficient space for wisdom tooth germination is not enough to form a good adjacent relationship with the neighboring teeth. It often causes the tooth plug, leading to the dental caries or alveolar bone absorption.

Over time, the original healthy teeth will be broken, and then the two will be exhausted, which will seriously affect the chewing function.


The upper and lower wisdom teeth were not successfully paired

If the opposite side of the wisdom is not germinated or pulled out, there is no wisdom tooth that comes to bite, and sometimes the phenomenon of excessive germination of the wisdom teeth will occur, and even too much to directly bite the opposite gums.Affect the occlusion.


Orthodontics need to remove wisdom teeth

In order to lift the teeth and ensure the effect of orthodontic treatment, we usually consider removing wisdom teeth or other not so important teeth, such as double -pointed teeth, that is, the teeth behind the tiger teeth.

If the wisdom teeth are squeezed by the space, other tooth is misaligned and deforms, it is even more unplugged.


Cause other lesion

The abnormal germination position of the wisdom teeth will cause the bite relationship to be chaotic and affect the normal movement of the temporal mandibular joint; it may also cause the germ cysts of the jaw bone and destroy the jaw.

Experts remind: Wisdom teeth with hidden dangers are recommended to remove.Of course, there are also some obedient obedience. We can keep it without treatment without looking for things.

The problem is not harmful to wisdom teeth


Although the parents who are skin -skinned, the wisdom teeth are also part of the body. It is not occasionally painful. I can bear my wisdom teeth!How much can you make trouble?

If you think so, it’s wrong. For the wisdom teeth that exist, you can let it go or not in the end!

Abolished the neighboring teeth

Some wisdom teeth can cause the root of neighboring tooth to absorb and abolish the second molars in front of your wisdom teeth.Bone hyperplasia of wisdom tooth can cause the root hypertrophy of the teeth.


Some wisdom teeth can cause germination cysts of the mandibular bone, destroy the jaw, and may need to intercept bone in severe cases.This is disfigured.

Causes chronic penetration perilateral inflammation

Some wisdom teeth can cause chronic penetration periapic inflammation.Some friends repeatedly endured the end, and the wisdom teeth became the crown of the root, causing chronic penetration periah, and then causing mandibular osteomyelitis.At this time, it is necessary to be admitted for surgery.

Experts remind: Professional dentists will recommend based on the situation, whether to draw, the wisdom teeth that should be pulled must not be left.

How to eat after extraction?


Mainly liquid food after extraction!

Generally, you need to bite cotton balls within 40 minutes after removing wisdom teeth. After 2 hours, you can eat, and you can brush your teeth after 24 hours.

On the day of tooth extraction, it is generally cool and semi -current. Do not eat hot and hard food.

You can choose: thick rice soup, steamed egg custard, milk, yogurt, fresh fruit juice, various porridge, ravioli, soft steamed food, fruit and vegetable soup, fish soup, soft rice rice, soy milk, tofu brain, etc.

Women’s wisdom tooth extraction to understand two things


Wisdom tooth extraction does not lose face

First of all, it is clear to friends who love beauty: theoretically, wisdom tooth extraction will not have a face -to -face effect.

If a friend around me tells you that it seems that the wisdom teeth seem to be thinner a little, it may be hungry and thin that just after the week.

Wisdom tooth extraction should be early, don’t drag until pregnancy

In particular, you need to remind youth female friends that you should get wisdom teeth early, otherwise if you are pregnant, you will have a headache if you are in trouble.

When you are pregnant, it is easy to occur in "wisdom tooth crown", which will cause bone marrowitis, sepsis and even abortion.

This is because during pregnancy, female estrogen secretion in women has increased, systemic resistance and local immune and anti -infective ability are reduced, and the resistance to bacteria decreases, which ultimately leads to inflammation.

The treatment of inflammation during pregnancy is different. If it is not treated, adults are more painful; if antibiotics are applied, the fetus may be affected.Therefore, many times doctors can only take conservative treatment, and adults and children followed.

Experts remind: Before pregnancy, remember to solve the problem of teeth, just in case.

Review expert: Shan Zhaochen Beijing Stomatological Hospital Chief Physician

Source: Jingyi Tong

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