Do you think you can keep your fetus with progesterone?Pregnant mothers can have snacks. These situations need to be distinguished

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother needs only two things, nourishment and fetal protection, especially for pregnant mothers with poor constitution, and when they find that they are unwell in the early pregnancy, they will strongly ask the doctor to open themselves to themselves to open themselvesMorlone is preserved. After all, "progesterone" is in the eyes of pregnant mothers. As long as the progesterone is taken, the entire pregnancy can be passed smoothly, so that the baby who has health and healthy Kang will be born later.But is "progesterone" so powerful?Does it really have such a powerful effect?Today I will tell you about the "Century Misunderstanding" that pregnant mothers have always believed.First of all, let’s tell the pregnant mothers to tell the phenomenon of "low progesterone" that pregnant mothers are more concerned about. In fact, many doctors now have a bad habit.Weltone value, and repeated blood tests need to be repeated. After that, if the test results show that the progesterone is low, the doctor will recommend that pregnant mothers should rest in bed, and they need various related attention, such as oral progesterone, vaginal congestion, vaginal congestion, vaginal plugCannonosterone, as well as injections of progesterone, keep fetal fetus.So at this time, it involves the question that pregnant mothers are most concerned about, why is there a low phenomenon of progesterone?Do you need low progesterone to protect your fetus through progesterone?

Performatone is necessary for fetal growth and development

E progression is also called progesterone. It is a natural progesterone secreted by women’s ovarian luteal. For women without pregnancy, usually in the second half of the menstrual cycle, progesterone will beginActive in the endometrium.If the fertilized eggs are metaphorized to a small seed here, then estrogen will be responsible for thickening the endometrium, just like the soil thickening is, and the progesterone will act on the endometrium, which can effectively promote the uterus in the uterus.The hyperplasia of the endometrium and glands provides sufficient oxygen and nutrients for the embryo, which makes the uterus prepare for the fetus.At the same time, progesterone can also provide it with a stable environment, which can create a safe and stable growth environment for embryos, so progesterone is essential for the healthy development of the embryo.

Can low progesterone cause abortion of pregnant mothers?

Generally speaking, the level of progesterone levels is caused by the stimulation of the secretion of the embryo. If the pregnant mother develops abnormal or natural abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, then this is a problem that exists in itselfNaturally, there will also be low progesterone, but it is necessary to pay attention to the pregnant mother here that the low level of progesterone is the result of abortion and is not the cause of abortion.Related studies have shown that if pregnant mothers have the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage, and at the same time, when progesterone examination is performed before the second trimester, it can only be found that 87.6%of the progesterone levels are reduced, and another probability is normal.EssenceSo for pregnant mothers who have already vaginal hemorrhage and check that the level of progesterone is too low, it may not necessarily have a miscarriage. There are also related studies that more than 10%of the fetus can develop healthy.In fact, for most pregnant mothers, there is no need to check progesterone at all, because with the growth of the pregnancy age, each pregnant mother is also different, and the volatility is relatively large.You know, if there is no symptoms of discomfort, such as no vaginal hemorrhage and pain in the lower abdomen, you do n’t have to worry too much about the abnormality of the results of the test.

So whether progesterone, must you supplement progesterone?

In fact, if the pregnant mothers who have low progesterone due to dysplasia due to embryonic dysplasia or abortion, it is meaningless to supplement progesterone at this time.But for the cause of the mother to cause low progesterone, can it be safe to protect the fetal ketone?In theory, if the embryo of the pregnant mother develops normal, and the progesterone of the pregnant mother itself can cause abortion, it may be used to be pregnant at this time, but the World Health Organization "supplement progesterone prevention prevention preventionIn this point, it is clearly stated that the supplementation of progesterone cannot act as an abortion from early pregnancy to mid -term pregnancy.The evidence proves that supplementing progesterone can reduce the probability of miscarriage, so the use of lutenone tires is simply a fallacy, so pregnant mothers should no longer be deceived by luteal ketone.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not think that completing progesterone will definitely allow the fetus to grow and develop healthy. Don’t put your whole daily mind every day because of the fetal protection.The mood of mood on time is the most important thing.

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