Do you still have menstruation when you are pregnant?It’s time to understand the menstruation of pregnancy

Generally speaking, menopause is the most obvious signal of pregnancy. Once the menstruation is not timely after the same room, you need to consider the possibility of pregnancy.However, there are so some people who have already conceived, but menstruation still arrives as scheduled. This situation is generally called "pregnancy menstruation". In this case, the pregnant mother knows after pregnancy.

Menstruation is generally three months before pregnancy. In fact, it is not a real menstruation. At this time, the performance is also different from the normal menstrual period.Most pregnant mothers will only appear once, and very few will appear 2-3 times.

What everyone is most concerned about is whether the menstruation affects the fetus.

Under normal circumstances, if the pregnant woman has no discomfort, this situation will disappear by themselves as the fetus grows.Because the occurrence of this situation may be that the choric membrane promoter gonadotropin produced by pregnant women cannot convert ovarian luteal into pregnancy luteal, and the ovaries will continue to move, causing a small amount of vaginal bleeding per month.3 or 4 months pregnant, the placenta starts to secrete sex hormones and replaces ovarian function, this situation will disappear naturally.

But since it is vaginal bleeding, more often, pregnant mothers should not take it lightly, and the cause of vaginal bleeding may be the following points.

1. Breakal abortion.If menstruation has stopped and early pregnancy testing is positive, vaginal bleeding occurs at this time. At the same time, symptoms of abdominal pain and backache may be a threatened abortion.

2. Ectopic pregnancy.Some patients with ectopic pregnancy do not have a menopause, or after menopause and detection of pregnancy, strong abdominal pain and accompanied by vaginal bleeding, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy must be considered.

3. Cervical disease.Cervical polyps in pregnancy, or cervical cancer can also cause vaginal bleeding.

Many pregnant women are worried about how they should deal with this situation.This requires careful observation of its own situation. After all, the performance of menstruation and ordinary menstruation in pregnancy is different. If the menstrual cycle and menstrual flow during pregnancy changes, it is recommended to check in time to exclude adverse factors.

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