Do you never get pregnant during menstruation?Women’s menstruation is irregular, how to measure ovulation time?

Hello everyone, I am a smart medical doctor.

It is said that it is the best time for menstruation. Is this true?

Is the time period before menstruation, mid -menstrual, and after menstruation is the excellent time for pregnancy?

How to calculate the ovulation period, and the calculated days are inaccurate?These problems that trouble the girls, let me answer them one by one today.

Ovarian is produced in women’s ovaries, and after maturity, it will be excreted from the ovaries.Women can excrete about 400 mature eggs in their lives.

Under normal circumstances (that is, when the aunts of the girls visited the law of the day), the ovulation day was calculated from the first day of the next menstruation, and the countdown was 14-16 days.The first 5 days of ovulation day and 4 days after the ovulation are called the ovulation period.

For example, if the aunt’s visit to relatives is November 24, then the ovulation date is about November 8th to April 10th.

Answer your question first. When my aunt visits, there is a possibility of pregnancy, but the chance is very low.

To explain this problem, we must first understand what is going on?"Conception" refers to the combination of sperm and eggs in women.

And each age of childbearing age can survive for 1-2 days in the body. Men’s sperm can survive in women for 2-3 days; that is, to get pregnantFind the egg girl and successfully combine it.

The girl who reads the above must have been able to calculate her ovulation date. It can be easily known by calculation. The chance of love and love during menstruation is very low.

Why is it very low, not impossible?Don’t worry, look down.

A complete menstrual cycle must go through three periods of ovulation (also known as follicular period), secretion period, and menstrual period, that is, from the first day of this menstrual period to the day before the next menstruation, about 28 days.The number of days in the menstrual period is 3-7 days.

Through the above explanation, we already know that the ovulation day is almost unintentional with menstrual period.

However, there are exceptions in everything. If your menstrual cycle is shorter than normal, if there is only 21-24 days, or your menstrual period is much longer than the average, then you may get pregnant during the menstrual period.Essence

Generally speaking, the possibility of pregnancy in a menstrual cycle is like this.A few days before menstruation are the smallest chance of pregnancy, and the highest chance of pregnancy appears between the 11th to 21st days of your menstrual cycle.

Some girls will say that I usually have irregular menstrual cycles. The method of life is not suitable for me. So how do I know when I ovulate?Don’t worry, tell you immediately.

Method of measuring body temperature

After ovulation ovation, the follicles that excrete the eggs will form luteum, which secretes lutein, and lutein has the effect of raw fever.Therefore, as long as the girls with inaccurate menstruation adhere to their long-term insisting on their early morning body temperature, when the body temperature suddenly rises by 0.3-0.5 ° C, it is necessary to highly suspect that entering the ovulation period.

Observation secretion

On the day of ovulation, leucorrhea has the most secretion, and has a typical feature, that is, the longest drawing degree, clear and transparently presenting egg whites.Girls can find it as long as they observe it carefully.

Over the month, my aunt is the most important.

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