Do you need to replenish folic acid? Which indicators are calculated?What is the best dose?

Folic acid is also called "Vitamin B9", which is a kind of water -soluble vitamin necessary for human cell growth and reproduction.Since we cannot synthesize itself, we can only obtain folic acid through the outside world.

The folic acid contained in natural foods is naturally the most ideal. However, due to the differences in eating habits and the destruction of food processing to folic acid, many times we cannot get enough folic acid from food.Therefore, besides food, various types of folic acid supplements have been developed.

I believe that many friends know the first time that folic acid should be preparing for pregnancy.However, not only for pregnancy, but in fact, in the prevention and treatment of major diseases such as hypertension and stroke, folic acid can exert important effects.

Therefore, it is important to figure out what circumstances we need to supplement folic acid and the appropriate dose for supplement.

In the content of this article, we will make a step by step to figure out what situations need to be supplemented and how much should be supplemented.

If you say that you are a woman who has a pregnancy plan recently, then folic acid supplements are essential.

Among newborns, there is a deformity called neural tube defect.Studies have found that more than half of neural tube defects are related to lack of folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, and supplementing folic acid can significantly reduce the probability of the occurrence of this disease.

"China Clinical Reasonable Supplemental Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" recommends: For women without high -risk factors, it is best to use folic acid supplements at least 3 months before pregnancy, 0.4 mg or 0.8 mg per day until 3 months of pregnancy.In the second trimester, the second trimester, and the breastfeeding period, it is also recommended to continue to replenish folic acid. The dose is 0.4 mg/day.

Of course, for people with high risk risk of neuroma defects or low folic acid levels in the blood, doctors may need to increase the supplementary dose of folic acid according to the situation.

Speaking of which, do male friends feel that this part has nothing to do with ourselves?

In fact, some studies have shown that when the folic acid is insufficient in men, the perfection power will decrease.Increasing the intake of folic acid, the chance of sperm abnormalities will be reduced.

However, how much dose of folic acid supplements are needed for men in the preparation stage of men.It is recommended that you consider eating more green leafy vegetables, fruits and bean foods, consider adding 0.4 mg or 0.8mg of folic acid supplements every day.

If you have no plan to get pregnant in the near future, then it is recommended to turn over the recent health examination report.Among them, there may be a indicator for us to supplement folic acid and have a good indicator.This indicator is called "same type of cysteine" (HCY), which is an indicator of blood testing. Sometimes we also refer to it for "blood".

"China Clinical Reasonable Supplement of Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" states that plasma homicide is a non -specific indicator for evaluating folic acid lack of functional deficiency.

In short, when we find that the indicator of the same type of cysteine in the blood exceeds the standard, the body is probably the lack of folic acid.

According to the definition of the "Consensus of High -Type Cysteine Diathrum Diagnosis and Treatment Expert": The level of ≥10umol/L in the blood is exceeded the standard.

Don’t underestimate the elevation of same type of cysteine!Current research generally believes that elevated homicide is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease.It can increase the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other diseases.To this end, this part of this part of the hypertension of the same type of cysteine is also specifically defined as "H -type hypertension".

"China Clinical Reasonable Supplemental Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" recommends: Whether it is H -type hypertension or simplicity of high -lying cysteinemia, it is recommended to replenish 0.8 mg folic acid daily to reduce the risk of stroke in the brain.

The current research believes that 0.8 mg of folic acid is the best dose to reduce the same type of cysteine every day.If this dose cannot be low enough to reduce the same type of cysteine, then there is no need to continue to increase folic acid, but you should consider adding other supplements such as vitamin B6 and B12 outside folic acid.

What we mentioned earlier is to use the indicator of the same type of cysteine to determine whether it is necessary to supplement folic acid.In fact, we can also determine folic acid directly, but this has not been very popular in conventional medical examinations.

Clinically, there are two main types of folic acid, one is "serum folic acid" and the other is "red blood cell folic acid".

Serum folic acid is greatly affected by short -term food and folic acid supplement, which mainly reflects the recent nutritional status of folic acid.Red blood cell folic acid can reflect long -term or chronic (3 ~ 4 months) folic acid nutritional status.

Generally, serum folic acid and red blood cell folic acid should be combined in order to more comprehensively reflect the actual nutritional status of folic acid.

So, which groups are recommended to measure folic acid?

"China Clinical Reasonable Supplementary Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" recommends: For people who have performed cognitive obstacles, it is recommended to determine folic acid.Especially for the elderly, if there is a manifestation of forgotten, misunderstanding, and wronging things, it is best to make a look at folic acid. If there is a lack of folic acid, it is recommended to add 0.8mg of folic acid daily.

In addition, patients with chronic kidney disease are also recommended to determine folic acid.If there is insufficient folic acid, replenishment of 0.8 mg folic acid daily can help delay the progress of the disease.

In fact, from the previous medical recommendations, the two doses of folic acid supplements are 0.4mg (400ug) and 0.8mg (800ug).

However, attentive friends may notice that there are some folic acid supplements 5mg/tablet, which is ten times more than 0.4mg.

There is even a saying that there is almost no side effects of folic acid supplements. Even if it exceeds 20 times the lowest dose, it will not be poisoned after taking it.

So, is folic acid really safe, no matter how much supplement?

The "China Clinical Reasonable Supplement of Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" clearly states that the effective and safe dose supplemented by the general population is between 0.4 mg ~ 1.0mg per day.

It is still possible to generate health risks for a long time to replenish folic acid every day!Among them, it may increase the risk of cancer or aggravate the degenerative changes in the nervous system.

Therefore, the supplementation of folic acid still has the concept of safe dosage.

For the purpose of preventing or health care, the general population is recommended to prefer 0.4mg (400ug)/tablet or 0.8mg (800ug)/tablet.

Only those who have special diseases (giant cell anemia) or have specific risks (high risks of neural tube defects). The daily dose of folic acid needs to reach 4mg or even 5mg.In general, doctors are recommended to guide the medication.(Supplements for the purpose of health care, do not choose large doses of folic acid)

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