do you know?Women should not be extracted during menstruation

Changsha Evening News November 26 (All media reporter Yang Weiran, correspondent Yu Tao Liu Fang) The 24 -year -old Xiao Li is a staff member of a public institution in Changsha. Recently, she has a wisdom tooth pain and thought of the mouth hospital unplugged."Is it at the menstrual period?" The doctor asked, Xiao Li replied that it was during the menstrual period, so the doctor told her to the emergency treatment of toothache to Xiao Li, and then came to extraction after one week after the menstrual period.

"Women should not perform teeth or dental implants during menstruation." Cai Hui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Oral Repair Department of Wuyi Road Hospital of Changsha Stomatology Hospital, explained that during menstruation, women’s blood coagulation decreases. If dental implants during menstruation or otherSurgery may occur with major bleeding.At the same time, women’s pain nerves during menstruation are more sensitive, the resistance of the whole body is relatively decreased, and the menstrual periods will be more painful and prone to infection.The best period for women to extract is 8 to 14 days after menstrual period. Among them, the 10th day after menstruation is better. During this period, the bleeding amount of tooth extraction is less, the pain sensitivity, the probability of the postoperative infection decreases, and the wound heals faster.

In addition, at several special stages of women, whether you can get teeth should be understood.Women cannot extract teeth in March and after pregnancy in the first and after pregnancy. Tooth extraction in the early pregnancy is likely to cause miscarriage. Tobies after pregnancy after pregnancy can easily cause premature birth; pregnant women can treat dental disease during the 4 to 6 months of pregnancy.Women’s adolescence is likely to suffer from periodontal disease. Girls during development are prone to symptoms of periodontal diseases such as bad breath, gum bleeding, and periodontal pustules. In this period, periodontitis develops rapidly, which can easily cause loose teeth, gaps in teeth, etc., which affects the beauty of beauty, which affects the beauty; Adolescent girls should treat symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, etc.Menopausal women, the speed of physical aging is accelerating, and osteoporosis occurs. Among them, the alveolar bone is first loose atrophy, and the teeth are gradually loose and falling off. In this period, we should pay attention to keeping oral hygiene.

Cai Hui said that it is very important to prepare before extraction.If you know if your wisdom teeth must be removed; deal with the problems of learning and work in advance; you should wear comfortable clothes, clothing should be dark; you should not be empty to avoid low blood sugar due to tension, or you should not eat too much too muchFull; the night before the tooth extraction should ensure good sleep and not stay up late; the elderly propose family members to accompany them; tooth extractioners should not drive by themselves because they have the effects of anesthesia drugs.

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