do you know?Pregnant women can also make up, as long as you like it

“” Makeup is not only gender, but not in the state.Pregnant women can also make up, as long as they like it.

Pregnant women are more likely to gain weight due to the rise in progesterone in the body+insulin resistance, and their appearance will change a little.Makeup can help pregnant women improve their psychological state, improve self -confidence, and reduce the risk of depression.And under the premise of following some principles, pregnant women do not affect the fetus, which is safer.So, if you want to turn it, you can turn it out ~ Don’t have too much concern!

Of course, there are places to pay attention to pregnant women, and you must pay attention to avoid the following points.

1. Do not buy three -proof products.Don’t believe in what, organic products made by yourself.The producer may not be malicious, but no maliciousness does not mean harmless.

2. Do not use alcohol cosmetics.Alcohol is teratogen and first -class carcinogen.Can be absorbed into blood through the skin and nasal mucosa.Of course, a rare contact with a small amount of alcohol does not affect the mother, but the problem is that makeup is a long -term process.

3. Different vitamin A, vitamin A and its derivatives.The above three oral risks are risks.However, the above three types of teratogenic are not reported.

However, Dr. Chen suggested that you still use it, mainly allergic.

The keywords of vitamin A and their derivatives in the component table are: retinol, A alcohol, and all compounds with these two words.

4. salicylic acid.Salicylic acid oral administration is teratogenic, and no examples of teratogenic use.But salicylic acid is very irritating.Still, although salicylic acid can resist acne, but because of irritation and allergies during pregnancy, Doctor Chen suggested not to use it.

5, sunscreen containing diexone.Diabenzone 1-6 and 9 are used as chemical sunscreens. Without exception, they are toxic and will be absorbed by the skin in large quantities.Although the European Union allows a small amount of use in sunscreen, this stuff is controversial in ordinary people during non -pregnancy. Doctor Chen suggested that pregnant women still do n’t take this muddy water.

Although there are a lot of things that can’t be used, in fact, there are still many cosmetics that do not include the above substances.Some imported cosmetics brands In order to take care of the emotions of the people, many ingredients do not add when they enter the country, such as alcohol.Therefore, it is actually simple to find safe cosmetics.As for those pregnant women who sell high prices, don’t buy it, it is pure IQ tax.

In addition, if you can’t accept makeup during pregnancy and feel that you may affect the fetus, it is best to follow the heart.Everything should be based on the wishes of pregnant women."Make -up during pregnancy" is a pass for pregnant women with safe makeup, not an excuse for other people to ask for makeup for pregnant women.

Author: Doctor Chen of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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