Do you have to sit on a "small confinement" after abortion?The doctor said greatly: more cautious than normal confinement

Colleagues Xiaoxue was accidentally pregnant when she got married. Since both the couple were not ready to ask for a baby, Xiaoxue decided to kill her child.But Xiaoxue had just finished the operation and planned to go to work the next day. Her mother asked her to confine at home. Xiaoxue said that it was not needed after confinement was born after having a baby?Motivation of abortion surgery also needs to be confinement?In fact, although there are no normal delivery for women, they also experience the process of pregnancy. Therefore, they need to take "small confinement" after surgery, and these things should also pay attention to, otherwise the body is easy to leave the root cause.

The body cannot be cold

Although the flow of people is a small operation, the damage it brings is not small.Because women’s physical hormone levels will change during pregnancy, and artificial termination of pregnancy will cause hormone levels to disorders, and blood circulation will deteriorate. Therefore, after surgery, care must be taken to promote blood circulation.Women should pay attention to the warmth of the body, try not to touch cold water, blow air conditioner in summer, it is best to wear loose and comfortable confinement clothes, choose skin -friendly soft fabrics, long -sleeved trousers suits are best, you can protect your knees, etc.Important joints to prevent the body from being cold.

Pay attention to private care

The abortion surgery is generally sculpting, so the uterus and vagina will be damaged. Women will also experience the stage of discharge, so private care must not be ignored.For pregnant women with relatively old age, there will be a strong discomfort after surgery, and symptoms such as lower abdomen pain may also occur. This is because the fetus is too large, resulting in perineal edema or tearing.Pregnant women can apply cold compresses at the perineum, which can alleviate local bleeding, and it has a strong water absorption, and can also absorb the lochia excreted after birth, which is very convenient.

Enough rest time

Because abortion surgery is an act of artificially termination of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body does not experience a complete pregnancy and childbirth process. The postpartum recovery ability is poor, and it will even be worse than the damage that is a good delivery.Therefore, after surgery, women need adequate rest time. Do not engage in physical labor during the period to avoid being too tired and complicated.In addition, sexual life cannot be performed for a month after surgery, preventing the vagina from infection, and hurting women’s bodies.

Nutritional supplement

After abortion surgery, female friends should pay attention to nutritional supplements, eat more high -protein foods to help the body recover quickly.For pregnant women with a relatively large number of miscarriage, milk secretion may already occur, so the maternal diet should be light as much as possible to prevent breasts from blocking the gland and causing mastitis.

Whether it is abortion or normal delivery, the body of pregnant women will be damaged to somewhere, so confinement after childbirth is essential. Female friends should not ignore these problems. In the future, it is too late to regret the root cause of the sick.

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