Do you have to prevents the uterine cavity adhesion?Understanding "inducement" is the key!These three "incentives" must be vigilant

The uterus is particularly important for women. There is an endometrium in the uterus. It affects women’s fertility. In life, some women cannot conceive for a long time due to the adhesion of the uterine cavity.The adhesion is not well understood. In fact, the uterine cavity adhesion is a relatively common uterine disease. As long as the correct measures are taken to cure diseases and allow women to restore fertility.

The uterine cavity adhesion means that the endometrium of the uterine cavity is damaged due to various factors.Women’s fertility ability will be affected when the cavity adhesion. When the sperm and eggs are combined into fertilized eggs, entering the uterine cavity will not be able to bed because of age, so that there are problems such as abortion.

1. Frequent uterine cavity operation

Uterine cavity operations will lead to increased age risk, and frequent frequent will be more dangerous, such as curettage, caesarean section, abortion surgery, etc. These operations need to be performed in the uterine cavity during the operation.Infection can damage the uterine cavity and endometrium.

2. Pregnancy leads to

The uterus during pregnancy is relatively fragile, and it is easy to cause it to hurt it. At this stage, if the uterus is hurting the uterus, such as postpartum bleeding, placenta adhesion, etc., these will cause harm to the uterus and damage the endometrium.Palace adhesion phenomenon.

Third, infected diseases

Reproductive organs infection is a relatively common gynecological disease. When there are these problems, no measures are taken to treat, resulting in germ to annex and uterus, causing inflammation of pelvic cavity, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.Adhesion.

1. Cervical expansion

When the uterine cavity and endometrium are not damaged, the uterine cavity adhesion occurs, and cervical expansion can be selected for treatment. However, due to the limitations of the use of this technology, there are even reports that women have a uterine rupture after this treatment.This treatment method should be cautious.

2. Hysteroscopy treatment

Hysteroscopy is currently used to check the uterine and attachment. It can also help treat the uterine cavity adhesion. During the examination, the cervix needs to be expanded. The mild adhesion problem can be treated by the way.In addition, the tip of the hysteroscopy can separate the adhesive uterus.

Third, curettage

Palace scraping is also a relatively common treatment method. 80%of women will recover normally after treatment, and the fertility ability is not affected. HoweverIt will damage the endometrium, and most of the current examination and treatment will be replaced by hysteroscopy.

Warm reminder that women must be vigilant when preparing for a long time but not successful conception. There may be uterine adhesion. At this time, relevant examinations must be performed to confirm whether there are problems in the diagnosis to take measures.It is necessary to know that the adhesion of the uterine cavity will affect the fertility of women and also affect menstruation. Therefore, do not underestimate it, and take related treatment measures when it is more serious to restore the uterine cavity. In addition, pay attention to good matters during treatment.Maintaining a light diet, rest, and emotional stability are conducive to recovery of uterine cavity.

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