Do you have to face the sky as soon as you are pregnant?Can I make up during pregnancy?Skin experts come to support

Yangtze Evening News, January 14th (Correspondent Shi Yue reporter Yu Dandan) Recently, Ms. Huang, a citizen, was very entangled: "I just discovered pregnancy last week, my first child, my family was very nervous, my mother -in -law specifically emphasized that the first three pregnancy during pregnancy was the first three pregnancy.The most dangerous month, don’t scare skin care products. But my job requires makeup, and many friends around me are also put on makeup during pregnancy. I just bought a set of skin care products not long ago before opening it."Ms. Huang asked the doctor distressedly," Can a pregnant woman really pregnant if she is pregnant? How can I take skin care? "In fact, many expectant mothers have the same contradiction as her. Let us ask what the experts say.

Ma Xiaoling, chief physician of the dermatology department of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that during pregnancy is a special stage of women in women, and many expectant mothers have also been clinically considers to worry about the safety of cosmetics, skin care products, and hairdressing products during this period.In fact, pregnant women are also normal, and have the right to enjoy beauty.However, be sure to choose the right product and use it in moderation in the correct method.

Director Ma explained that due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, some expectant mothers’ skin may have problems such as oil, dryness, allergies, color spots, capillaries, and other problems. At this time, it is necessary to take good skin care to maintain a healthy skin condition.During pregnancy, skin care is mainly moisturizing and sun protection. Be careful not to pursue freckle and whitening, but also pay special attention to some skin care products.

If acne occurs in the early pregnancy, use related acne products under the guidance of medical institution professionals.Be wary of vitamin, which is a component for acne therapy. It belongs to vitamin A substances. Oral vitamin acid can cause fetal malformations.In addition, many topical acne products contain salicylic acid and vitamin acid, and a small amount of acne -removing skin care products containing low -concentration of salicylic acid are used without excessive panic.However, if high concentration is used in large areas, such as masks, whole body skin care massage cream, etc., try to avoid it.

Chemicals in hairdressing products, such as phenylbenzhamine, aminophenophen compounds, ethanlamine, etc., large doses of contact may increase the risk of abnormal tires.And these substances are irritating to the skin and respiratory tract of pregnant mothers.Some hair dyes on the market are promoted by "organic, plants, pure natural", but this does not mean that there is no hidden health hazard at all.Therefore, I hope that mothers will be vigilant and avoid blindly respecting the so -called pure natural products.

The products used in nails may contain phenyl acid salt and formaldehyde.Studies have found that contact with phenyl acid during pregnancy may affect the development of the reproductive system of male fetuses.Therefore, expectant mothers who love nails should avoid using or selected alternatives without phtharaic acid.

Director Ma reminded that the current clinical research of personal products during pregnancy is relatively limited, and it is difficult to give a unified answer to "yes" or "not". Expectant mothers should choose products with simple ingredients to avoid possible harmful ingredients.EssenceWhen purchasing, you should purchase regular products from regular canal.Avoid using products that are uncertain and doubtful for quality or sources.If you must use the simplest way to seek safety alternatives or consult a doctor.

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