Do you have to check before giving birth?What inspection items are indispensable?

Women need to go to the hospital for pre -delivery examination after pregnancy, so that the fetus’s development and the health of pregnant women can be seen.In particular, some examinations before childbirth are essential. If you don’t pay attention to it, it may cause premature or abortion, affecting the development of the fetus.

1. ECG check

After pregnancy, the burden on the heart is increased. Generally, the heart beating reaches the peak of 32-30 weeks and during delivery.Before production, check whether women’s hearts are in a normal state.If you have heart disease, you cannot bear strong contractions, and you can only give birth through a cesarean section.

2. Conventional inspection

Blood and urine are needed for routine examination, and blood pressure and blood lipids are checked at the same time. If you have hypertension during pregnancy, it will affect the fetal section in advance.In addition, the weight of pregnant women, abdominal circumference, and palace height will also be measured. Based on the abdominal circumference of pregnant women and the size of the palace height, the baby’s development is slow.

3. Internal inspection

Internal examinations mainly check the uterus and vagina. Take a look at whether the pregnant woman’s perineum has edema, whether there are amniotic fluid flowing out, and whether the fetus has entered the pot.Expansion.

4. Check the pelvis

If pregnant women want to give birth, they must meet the symmetry of the pelvis. The pelvic size of the pregnant woman should be similar to the fetal neck of the fetus. It will measure the pelvis of the pregnant woman.

5. Ferry heart monitoring and color Doppler ultrasound

Near the first three weeks of production, I have to go to the hospital once a week for fetal heart monitoring. I can see if the fetus has hypoxia.If the fetal heart rate is too low or too high when the fetal heart monitoring, it means that the baby’s baby has severe hypoxia.Through the color Doppler ultrasound examination, you can learn about the development of amniotic fluid, fetal position, and fetal development in time to see if there is a umbilical cord around the neck.

Kind tips

Women should adjust their mentality before childbirth, and welcome their baby’s birth with a positive and optimistic attitude.We must prepare for the psychological preparation of hospitalization at any time and maintain the physical strength of childbirth, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production.Before childbirth, you can take more walks with your family, which can promote food digestion, accelerate local blood circulation to enhance endurance, and at the same time promote the decline of the fetus into the pot.Good speed, about 30 minutes at a time, try to choose the forest or garden with better environment.In addition, you can also insist on gymnastics of pregnant women to prevent the waist and leg pain caused by the center of gravity or the weight gain, so that the pelvis and lumbar muscles are relaxed, and the fetal delivery is well prepared to pass the birth canal.

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