Do you have to ask for NT value abnormal baby?

Four -dimensional NT examination.

Professor Wang Liping is doing a four -dimensional NT examination for the pregnant mother.

Red Net Moment News, June 5th (Correspondent Huang Ying) For pregnant mothers, it will face countless personal life for the first time during pregnancy, because ignorance does not know how to choose from, but in any caseThe first line of defense of fetal health is not to be ignored -NT examination

What is NT check?

NT is the abbreviation of a semi-translucent membrane in the fetus. It is a semi-translucent protein film surrounded by the liquidity of the rear of the fetus.Its thickness is positively related to the fetal DS defect and can be measured through ultrasound imaging.NT row deflated examination refers to the thickest examination of the liquid agglomeration of the subcutaneous tissue of the fetal neck.The thickness layer of the neck is determined through the B -ultrasound to facilitate the early discovery of the fetus and congenital heart disease, and intervene in time.NT examination is to check whether the fetus is congenital and foolish, which is a necessary examination for eugenics and eugenics.

The best time for NT examination

The change of NT is closely related to the pregnancy week, and the time to measure its thickness is also strict.The transparent band scan of the back of the neck was selected for 11-13+6 days of pregnancy. The baby was too small before 11 weeks, and it was difficult to make accurate measurement. After 14 weeks, too much liquid may be absorbed by the baby’s developmental lymphatic system., Affect the judgment of the result.

Because the judgment of the pregnancy week may be disturbed (delayed ovulation, inaccurate menstruation, misunderstanding of the last menstruation, etc.), it is recommended to choose the intermediate period of time inspection is more secure, such as about 12 weeks of pregnancy.

NT examination critical value

Normal NT value: NT value

If the transparent layer of the neck exceeds 3 mm, it is prompted that the fetus may develop abnormal, and it needs to be focused. Donalding and prenatal screening in the second trimester should be checked to further exclude it.

What will happen to NT value?

NT examination is a necessary inspection to realize eugenics. If the high NT value means that the baby may have the following problems:

1. Donal fetus; about 75%of the babies suffering from Tang’s syndrome are correctly identified through this method.

2. Congenital heart disease; 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy is an important stage of the fetal heart development. If the fetal heart is defective, plus the peripheral resistance of the placenta at this stage is high, the load is increased, the venous pressure is increased, and the lymphadenopathy reflux is not flowing back.Nobody will cause early heart failure and neck transparency layer to thicken.

3. Other structural abnormalities; the main organs of the fetus have basically formed in 12 weeks of pregnancy, and more than 80%of fetal abnormalities have begun to occur before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, in addition to the early pregnancy, the diagnosis of abnormal pregnancy, multi -fetal pregnancy, and early screening and diagnosis of fetal chromosomal abnormalities can also be diagnosed.

If the repeated measurement is higher than the normal value, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do amniotic fluid puncture, check chromosomes, and do Tang’s screening to see if there are abnormalities.

As a gynecological hospital, Changsha Baijia Maria Maternal and Gynecology Hospital introduced the American GE series machines to meet the early examination and diagnosis from the early pregnancy research to complex fetal heart, which greatly enhanced the accuracy of clinical examination and diagnosis and treatment.The diagnosis provides "fire eyes and golden eyes", which brings a "high -definition version" with a maternal and female patients.

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