Do you get pregnant unexpectedly after drinking and drink accidental drinking during pregnancy. Does it have an impact on the health of the fetus?

I have been pregnant with my husband for 10 years, but my stomach has not been moved, so we do n’t have hope for both children. Some time ago, we celebrated the anniversary of marriage and drank high.After a wonderful night, that time, this time I found that the menstruation was delayed for more than a week. I used the pregnancy test stick to test the pregnancy, but the two people drank high that night. Can the child still want it?

Does the unexpected pregnancy after drinking have an impact on your baby’s health?

Drinking will have a negative impact on the fetus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.If you drink alcohol before pregnancy, it may affect the development of the fetus.Alcohol will enter the fetal blood circulation system through the placenta, affecting the organs and brain development of the fetus, leading to birth defects and intellectual development.

Studies have shown that the impact of alcohol on the fetus is dose -dependent, that is, the more frequency and frequency of drinking wine, the greater the impact on the fetus.Therefore, if you drink alcohol before accidental pregnancy, although you cannot accurately evaluate the influence of the fetus, you should still avoid drinking as much as possible to ensure the health of the fetus.At the same time, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

Do you have an impact on the fetus during pregnancy?

When a woman drinks during pregnancy, alcohol in her blood will enter the fetus’s blood.Because the fetal liver and kidneys have not been fully developed, they cannot decompose alcohol metabolism like adults, which may cause many adverse effects.This is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Drinking may affect the development and growth of the fetus, causing intellectual obstacles, facial malformations, behavior and emotional problems.These consequences may be permanent, and may appear immediately after birth, or it may only appear when the baby grows up.

In addition, even if the amount of alcohol is not large, it may have a negative impact on the fetus.Therefore, for pregnant women, the best way is to not drink alcohol to protect the health of themselves and the fetus.If you find that you drink alcohol after accidental pregnancy, it is best to seek medical treatment in time, consult a doctor about the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome, and what measures you need to take to reduce the impact on your baby.

During pregnancy, in order to ensure the health of the fetus, you should avoid drinking.Here are some suggestions:

Publicity Education: Family family and friends should know that pregnant women should avoid drinking, so as not to drink alcohol in party or social occasions.

Replacement of meals: When dining at a party or restaurant, waiters should know that pregnant women cannot drink alcohol, and they can choose to replace drinks such as water and juice.

Traffic safety: Drinking will affect the speed and judgment ability. In order to avoid accidents, pregnant women should avoid driving or riding and drinking.

Self -management: Pregnant women should be self -managed to avoid drinking at home or workplace to avoid drinking by mistake.

Seeking help: If pregnant women feel unable to control or have the problem of alcoholism, they should seek medical or psychological help to avoid harm to the fetus.

During pregnancy, in addition to avoid drinking, there are many other matters that need attention.Here are some matters that need attention:

Diet: The diet of pregnant women should be as healthy as possible, eat more nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole wheat bread, chicken, fish, etc.Try to avoid eating high -calorie, salt, high sugar foods, and foods containing hormones and additives.

Exercise: Proper exercise helps pregnant women to maintain good health and mental joy.You can perform mild exercises such as walking, yoga, swimming, jogging, but you need to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy objects.

Stop smoking: According to research, the average babies gave birth to pregnant women who smoking smoking were more than 200 grams of infants born in pregnant women with non -smoking pregnant women.Increase the risk of fetal death: smoking will increase the risk of fetal death.The probability of dying of babies killed by smoking pregnant women is higher than the probability of babies born by non -smoking pregnant women.The risk of increasing fetal deformity: The risk of congenital malformations from the baby born in pregnant women with smoking is higher than that of a baby born in a non -smoking pregnant woman.

Reduce stress: Pregnant women should avoid excessive pressure and anxiety, and can relax the body and mind by music, reading and other methods.

Regular examination: Pregnant women need to conduct regular prenatal examinations to understand the development of the fetus and their physical condition, discover problems in time and take corresponding measures.

Avoid contact with chemicals: pregnant women should avoid contact with chemicals, such as heavy metals, pesticides, cosmetics, etc., so as not to cause harm to the fetus.

Pay attention to hygiene: Pregnant women need to pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene to maintain the ventilation, cleaning and dryness of the room.

During pregnancy, we need to pay special attention to the health of the body and fetus, avoid contact with harmful substances, maintain good living habits and mentality, regular prenatal examinations, and seek medical treatment in time.

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