Do you believe someone does not know that he is pregnant until the child is born?

“2023”Hebei Langfang has a company to invite people to repair the wall. As a result, the female worker entered the toilet for 5 minutes and gave birth to a child, and then he had no choice but to hold the child away.

Everyone was stunned, asked her, she said that she didn’t know she was pregnant, and her husband didn’t know that she was pregnant.

Some people think that this is very ripped, fake, and not believed.

But as a person coming tells you, this is really possible.

First of all, the difference between pregnancy is very different.Some people are pregnant with 4-50 pounds, and the whole person is completely changed. Some people are not fat in a pound.

Secondly, the physical fitness difference after pregnancy is very large.Some people ca n’t choose to shoulders and do n’t mention it after pregnancy. No one cooks for her, and she feels wronged when she cooks for her.

Some people drove a business trip with their own pregnancy and ran their business.

Do n’t think there is anything, and start maternity leave until you enter the delivery room.

Finally, there is a difference in pain when having a child.

There are really children in life, and those who want to jump off the building in pain are really painful.

Some children in life are really as simple as shit, and they will not hurt soon.

I experienced it in person. When I gave birth to a child, I would not hurt. I didn’t feel it at all. Really.

Including my production, the doctor was about to push me out, and a mother who was just a second child also came in and gave birth to a child.The doctor asked me to wait, saying that the other party was very fast.As a result, it was really born in less than 1 minute. It ’s really too late to say that you can pull out the radish!

There are many, the difference between bringing children, the difference between children and children, the difference between children’s physical fitness, and the difference between reading education in the future.

It doesn’t mean to say these.I hope that you are unmarried by the online chicken soup and bad cases. Now many young people are afraid of marriage and childbirth.

In fact, getting married and having children are not so scary, and there are many people who live in life.

It has always been a good thing to go out, and bad things have passed thousands of miles!

The bad people say everywhere, because they need to be confessed because they are grievances, and good people do not say, because they are afraid that others think it will be showing off.

You go to the park, playgrounds, libraries, gymnasiums to see, many parents are accompany their children to bask in the sun, play, contact nature, read, exercise, etc.!

You feel good when you see a good side.

I feel bad when I see a bad side.

So try to contact the good side.

Marriage and having children are undoubtedly a big and interesting level in life.

But if you dare not unlock the level, you will not be able to talk about it!

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