Do pregnant women sleep on the left side to sleep?Master the three principles, sleep well during pregnancy

The prospective mommy Oda has been pregnant for 8 months. Every night, I feel like fighting, because I listened to the doctor that lying on the left side when sleeping is the best sleeping posture, but I like to sleep on the right side.Thinking of the left to the left, she fell asleep after waking up. After waking up, she was worrying about anxiety and anxiety.

I ran to the WeChat group in the middle of the night to ask everyone, can I sleep on the right side in the third trimester?

The answer is: Of course it is possible

Sleeping on the left is just a doctor’s suggestion.

Because there is a sigmal colon on the left side of the abdominal cavity, the increased uterus is rotated to varying degrees.

If you lie on your back, the increased uterus compress the abdominal aorta, which will reduce the pressure of the uterine arteries, which will not only affect the blood supply of the uterus and fetus, but also increase the pressure of the lower cavity and vein, causing the perineal veins to open and the lower limbs edema.

However, if the pregnant woman is accustomed to lying on the right, it doesn’t matter if you lie on the right side. Don’t be too tangled and too anxious. You can’t sleep well during the third trimester, and you will be worried and fear, and you will sleep that night.

Sitting restless: refers to the condition of late pregnancy, frequent urination, large belly, and the top of the top.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms only need to ensure these three:

1. Go to bed before going to bed

Just sleep on the left side before going to bed. Don’t worry about what state after waking up;

2. When you wake up, you can go to the left when you fall asleep;

3. Prepare a pregnant woman pillow

If you sleep uncomfortably, you still have a pregnant woman’s pillow.Pregnant women’s pillows are also benevolent. Some Baoma uses it well, and some Baoma uses it very much. I used it at the time. The pregnant mommy might as well prepare one.

These three points are very simple suggestions, but in fact, every pregnant mother will be scared by sleeping on the left side of the year. Don’t ask me why I know, I was so scared that year, hehe!

Think about our ancestors, how can we sleep on the left side, and you want to sleep if you want to sleep. Do n’t you all give birth to a healthy baby?Doctors are actually considering and suggestions from the perspective of medicine, but in fact, we are not so fragile.What do you think?

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