Do pregnant women go to work?Consider these three situations, 10 pregnant women: I have been going to give birth

My friend Xiaoye was pregnant, and she felt that her body was a little uncomfortable, and she didn’t know if she should continue to work.Don’t go to work, no money to spend.Go to work, uncomfortable!It’s really a dilemma!

One day, Xiaoye met me on the road and wanted to consult my opinion.Looking at work or not, I analyzed it carefully.

Whether you have to go to work, you must determine according to your own situation.

When I gave birth to Dabao, because of the red phenomenon, I asked for a week to protect the fetus for 1 week. In addition, I did not ask for leave.Then I insist on maternity leave 1 week before giving birth.

When I was born, I saw the red, but I knew that the problem was not big, there was no leave, and there were two trips, and the pregnancy was still smooth.The day before the child was born was still working overtime.

There are also friends who say this: I vomit is not normal, I vomit water, bile and stomach acid spit out, and still insist on work.Car loan stores, no decoration of the housing house, renting a house, not going to work, uncomfortable, no matter how uncomfortable, you can bear it by yourself. What can I do, I just hope that the baby is healthy and happy.Get up at 6:30 in the morning, take the bus at 7 o’clock, at least half an hour on the road, take the bus at 7:50.At the place of work at about 8:30, from Zhengzhou to Xinmi, buy food in the morning, lunch meals, at 6 pm, come and take a bus home at 7 o’clock at home, the workload is not fixed, the workload is not fixed.Sometimes busy and sometimes not busy, it’s too far, hey!Let’s go, it’s not boring.Look at the physical condition, my child’s mother was born on the third day of vacation.The body is best to go to work.If the conditions are allowed, I can go up until 38 weeks.Look at your own situation!I have been at work, and I don’t know the moon myself at first.Always up to life.If the conditions are allowed, I can go to work, and I have been born until I was born.

If the pregnancy vomiting is particularly serious, and there is no spiritual cope with the work, then I will rest at home.

I have two colleagues. I am pregnant and can’t eat normally. I have to spit it out of bile, so I had to go to the hospital to hang water.Colleagues did not feel more comfortable until 7 months, but it was not enough for 8 months, and it also experienced a lot of hardships.They are either at home or at the hospital during pregnancy, and they must not go to work.

A colleague had a miscarriage twice, and worked hard for more than a year.She needs to take a car for more than 40 minutes at work. The road is too far. This time, I am very worried about abortion, so I simply ask for leave at home.

There is also a colleague who has a large amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. When he moves, he can only rest in bed.Come back to work for one month, bleed again in four or five months, and asked for leave again, repeated twice, and finally gave birth smoothly.

A friend’s job is a database tube, dealing with chemical reagents and refrigerator freezers, and often move some heavy goods. Once, it was because he had been bending his waist to dry, leading to abortion.After pregnancy again, the unit did not give posts and went to work early.

If you work in a harmful gas, harmful noise, and radiation environment, it is better not to work.

Did you go to work during pregnancy?Let’s talk together!The new second child Bao Ma, who was once in the workplace Career Hero, was the winner of the headline Qingyun plan, and was invited by the original platform.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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