Do n’t eat more lamb. It is rumored that it is easy to block blood vessels?Is it harmful to eat lamb often?


Compared to pork, beef, poultry, some people prefer lamb.Since ancient times, mutton is the best supplement for people with qi and blood deficiency. Its temperature supplement has been greatly praised. It is very suitable for groups such as spleen and stomach deficiency, less nauseous stomach, many urination times, and soft waist and knees.

Despite this, some people think that eating mutton will get angry, and if you eat too much, you will still block the blood vessels, so you ca n’t eat it!In fact, for the concept of getting angry, there is no common name or common name for the "inflammation" of the body. There is no definition of fire in modern medicine and nutrition.And, depending on the region, the specific meaning of the fire refers to the same is different.

However, even in modern times, people think that eating certain foods will cause fire, such as lamb here, what is the reason?

The survey found that the amount of lamb eating lamb is the key. The mutton itself is rich in high -quality protein, carrots, various trace elements, etc. The calories and fats are not low. Take mutton per 100 grams of mutton.Fat 11.18g, carbohydrate 0.73g, purine 86.9g, saturated fatty acid 4.89g.

If you eat too much for a long time, the heat effect of the food will increase, which will obviously increase the body heat dissipation. However, due to the digestion of people, a lot of water needs to be needed. At the same time, the body will also appear dry and hot, hot, and hot, which makes people feel that people feel that they feel that they feelIt’s getting angry.

However, don’t worry about this phenomenon. On the one hand, controlling the amount of mutton, on the other hand, drinking more water can also help everyone to relieve dryness and other discomfort.For people who need to be vigilant and hyperuricemia, lamb can not eat more.

Especially the mutton soup should be more vigilant. For the soup that is boiled into white, it is one aspect. If you want to achieve seductive milky white, it is the result of a large amount of fat in the soup, that is, the separation from water and oil is separated from water and oil separation, that is, the separation from water and oil is separated from water and oil separation, that is, separated from water and oil separationThe situation transformed into a small fat droplet.

And, those who know the cooking method, usually the higher the fat content, will become milky white, and people with chronic diseases are best to drink less or not.

Will mutton block blood vessels and cause cancer?

Regarding whether mutton blocks blood vessels, how do you eat it?For example, grilled mutton that will only increase the fat content of mutton itself, as well as places to eat lamb fat, lamb skewers, etc. In the group that originally has cardiovascular risk factors, it may cause fat accumulation in the body. The basal metabolic rate becomes slower, blood is blood, bloodThe cycle becomes slow and eventually affects the smoothness of the vascular.

Especially the elderly, with the age of age, the blood vessels will harden and it is easier to form plaques. Be careful here.If you are good for blood vessels, it is recommended that you still use thin lamb to control the amount of daily poultry and livestock.

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