Do not support edema during pregnancy. These 6 relief methods, pregnant mothers can try

After the baby is pregnant, the stomach becomes bigger day by day, why is the legs getting thicker?

The feet became very swollen, and the previous shoes could not be worn anymore, which increased two yards!In the swollen place, the skin is not as elastic as before. Press it with his fingers to recover for a long time.

Pregnant mothers don’t worry, edema during pregnancy is normal. More than half of women around the world have obvious edema after 28 weeks of pregnancy, and they will be more obvious before going to bed at night than in the morning.

So how to relieve edema?Uncle grandma came to help.

During the pregnancy, the body will increase the blood and body fluid of about 50%of the body, and the excess body fluid will gather to the end of the limbs, such as fingers, ankle joints, feet, etc., so it causes edema.

The secretion of hormones can also cause edema.After pregnancy, the secretion of aldehyde solid ketone becomes more.Adehyde solid ketone is a hormone that can regulate the balance of moisture. When the aldehyde is increased, the body’s absorption of sodium and water enhances, and the more moisture of the human body will naturally cause edema.

In addition, the uterus becomes larger every day, which will compress the veins of the lower limbs. After the lower limbs are oppressed, the blood flow is not smooth, which may also cause edema.

Uncle Milk said above that the uterus may cause edema, so when pregnant mothers just pregnant with baby, there is no feeling of edema.

By the seventh month, at this time, the baby was already very large, and the chance of pregnant mothers would also rise directly.

The edema during pregnancy is most likely to occur on the feet. You will find the original protruding ankle, and now the flesh on both sides is almost forming a plane.

This is also well understood, because the feet are the most.If ordinary people climb the mountain for a day, they will find a lot of swollen feet after returning at night.

The second is the leg, and a vortex will appear when pressing it with your hand.In addition, mild edema may occur in hands, faces, and back.

The original slender figure was like a noodle.However, don’t worry, most edema will slowly recover one week after giving birth. The kidneys will slowly absorb excess tissue fluids and blood, and then excrete the body.

However, if there is a very severe edema, such as a large circle of fat, the fingers are thicker like carrots, and if the weight is excessively increased, then go to the hospital to prevent pathological edema, because this is likely to be very likelyIt is signs of eclampsia.

If the edema is also accompanied by increased blood pressure, strong headaches, unclear things, and severe vomiting, they should go to the hospital to find a professional doctor immediately.

Edema makes the body uncomfortable, but we also have a way to deal with it.

Raise your feet to the position of the heart, help blood flow, and reduce the symptoms of edema.When the pregnant mothers watch TV on the sofa, they can stir up their feet on the stool in front.When you sleep, you can also raise your feet with a pillow.

Ordinary people always feel painful legs.Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest, do not work or do housework for more than two hours.

Before going to bed at night, let Dad help to massage more legs and promote blood circulation.You can also bubble your feet at night, but don’t be too high in water temperature.

Walking, swimming, and pregnant women can accelerate blood circulation.

Many pregnant mothers will be puzzled, have you already edema and drink water again?Of course drink, edema is not drunk.

Drinking plenty of water will take away excess sodium and other waste, but can slow down edema.

Uncle Milk suggested that there are a few times to judge with your own urine color.If the color is light yellow, transparent and cool, it is enough.

This is all old, depending on here (how to replenish your nutrition in linking your mother).

Although high heels are beautiful, it is still stable to choose comfortable and loose flat shoes during this time. After all, the pregnant mother itself is already beautiful.

Milk powder, how can you alleviate the sore feet and legs after exercising or shopping?

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