Do not scratch the skin during pregnancy

I don’t know if there have been such experiences that have had such experiences and female compatriots who are pregnant. When women are pregnant in the later stages of pregnancy, in addition to the obvious stretch marks, the high -rise abdomen will also appear to be unbearable.rash.

There is also a name for pregnancy, called pregnancy -proliferative urticaria and plaques, which is a common itching and inflammatory skin disease during pregnancy.Itching caused by multi -shape rash in pregnancy can be upset and affect sleep, but it has little effect on the fetus.At present, the cause of the occurrence of polyphonic rash in pregnancy is still unclear, and it can start from the following three aspects during prevention and control:

The first is the reasonable diet.Pregnant women who suffer from multi -shape rash in pregnancy should pay attention to taking more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in various vitamins in terms of diet. Do not eat more foods containing high sugar, high fats and seafood.

Secondly, do not scratch the affected part.Pregnant women can not only scratch the affected area with their hands, not only can they not have the effect of relieving itching, but they will release the skin of the scratching area to release more histamine, making people feel more itchy.If you are accidentally caught your skin, it may cause wound inflammation, which will be lost.In addition, it should be noted that the itching of itching with a hot towel will also increase the condition.

Finally, pregnant women need to take care of them with caution.In the market, many drugs are not suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, women during pregnancy need to be cautious to use drugs to treat multi -shape rash.When the skin itching caused by multi -shape rash in pregnancy, women during pregnancy can consult a doctor during pregnancy, and use some topical drugs under the guidance of a doctor, such as weakly -effective glucocorticoid ointment, glycry stones, etc.At the time, it is best to take a treatment plan suitable for your own disease under the advice of a doctor, and avoid blind medication.

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