Do not panic for pregnant women with burning and cough.

The Yangtze River Daily Da Wuhan Client December 11 (Reporter Roland Correspondent Xie Xuan) "Maternal women do not panic, open their mobile phones and ask experts."Maternal maternal clicks can enter the "Obstetrics Hotels" and take the doctor to diagnose the patient’s condition online.

Pregnant women have symptoms of fever, cough and other respiratory tract symptoms. They are most entangled if they can take medicine. They are most worried about whether to go to the hospital. Online consultation can help mother and new mother eat "Xinxin Wan" in advance.The "Obstetrics Hot Clinic" of the Internet Hospital of Xiehe Hospital can provide guidance for the medication of women’s fever and doubts after the birth of pregnant women.

The person in charge of the Outpatient Office of Xiehe Hospital introduced the online consultation process of the Internet Hospital to send a popular clinic online consultation process:

1. Open Wuhan Union Hospital Officials:

2. Click "Medical Service"

3. After clicking "Online Consultation", confirm, enter the online consultation page

4. Click "Online Consultation Online Consultation", you can also drop the list of science rooms to select "Heat Consultation".Ordinary fever patients choose to "send a popular kidney clinic",

Obstetrics fever patients choose the "Obstetrics Hotels".

5. Enter the doctor list interface

6. Choose a doctor, click "Graphic Inspection" and confirm

7. After filling in the relevant information one by one, click "Submit the Inspection", the patient’s information can be submitted to the physician, waiting for follow -up processing.

8. The doctor will take a consultation within 24 hours. According to the patient’s condition, those who need drug therapy can be prescribed online, and the medicine can be sent to the patient’s hands. If the patient needs it, you can also choose to take the medicine at the hospital.

It is understood that the official WeChat public account of Wuhan Union Hospital provides 24 hours of online registration, which can hang the expert number, special disease number, general number, famous medical number, multi -disciplinary, multi -disciplinary, multi -disciplinary, multi -disciplinary, and multi -disciplinary disciplineThe comprehensive outpatient number and difficult disease clinic number, the Internet Hospital of Xiehe Hospital has been online to escort health.

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