Do not hurt your body?Do you really know about the abortion of medicine?These 5 adverse reactions, you need to know

The drug flow is to terminate pregnancy by taking drugs. In recent years, the drug flow has been widely used in clinical practice and is very popular.There is no surgery in the early pregnancy, and can be aborted by taking medicine or injections.Generally, prostaglandin and macylthone tablets are combined with meterone tablets. Mi Feitone tablets can promote uterine molten degeneration necrosis and soften the cervix; prostaglandin can promote uterine contraction and accelerate embryonic discharge.Although it is convenient, it will also cause a series of adverse reactions and even threaten life.

1. Cause gastrointestinal reaction

Gastrointestinal reaction is a common adverse reaction for drug flow. After taking drugs, abdominal pain and diarrhea and nausea and vomiting may occur, and are accompanied by mild moderate fever.As long as the symptoms are not very serious, you can observe more and do not need special treatment; if you have severe symptoms, you need to rest in bed and choose the appropriate treatment methods, such as muscle injection or intravenous vitamin B1 and B6 to relieve nausea and vomiting symptoms;Take analgesic drugs to improve abdominal pain; physical cooling or antipyretic drugs to reduce fever.

2. Bleeding in private parts

After the drug flow, the private parts can be sustained for about 2 weeks, and the amount of bleeding is lower than the menstrual flow.If the bleeding time after the drug has exceeded 2 weeks and the amount of bleeding is more than the menstrual flow, you should go to the hospital to find out the cause of bleeding in time.

3. Increased abortion

The success rate of drug abortion does not reach 100%, and there may be incomplete abortion, which means that some embryo tissues are stranded in the uterine cavity. The main manifestation is the blood bleeding and irregular lower abdomen pain.

4. Excited symptoms of vagus nerves

Some women have a pale face, and their temper becomes irritable in about a few minutes after taking the medicine. At the same time, she has chest pain, palpitations, kept sweating, and sudden heartbeat.In addition, there is a sense of weakness due to the effect of drugs.

5. Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions can occur after abortion of women with allergies, rash with limbs and trunk, and allergic shocks may occur in severe cases.

1. Before abortion

Before the drug flow, you must do a B -ultrasound check to see if it is an ectopic pregnancy, master the size and position of the embryo, and see if it meets the drug flow indication; women who are less than 34 years old and have conceived within 50 days of menopause can do the drug flow.Liver and kidney insufficiency, chronic diseases, glaucoma, asthma, and anemia, and people with allergic constitution cannot be used.

2. After abortion

After the embryo tissue is discharged at least 2 to 3 hours in the hospital, as long as the vagina bleeds much, you should go home to rest; pay more attention to rest within two weeks after giving birth, comprehensively balance the nutrition, refuse to do heavy physical labor; maintain the perineum;Clean, forbid the pots and the same room within one month.

Kind tips

In the optimal time period, the drug flow can increase the success rate of abortion. It is not only necessary to take drugs. The random use of the drug will affect the success rate of the drug flow, and even face the trouble of the clear palace surgery.The drug flow is only suitable for early internal pregnancy within 50 days.Drugs cannot be tire for more than three months, because at this time, the fetus has been formed and developed too large, and pregnancy can only be terminated by induction.If you do n’t see the tissue discharge, you need to observe for about two weeks to see if there is any tissue discharge in the discharged urine, and do a urine test once a week.

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