Do I need to keep fetal fetus in the early pregnancy?In addition to supplementing nutritional elements, tire protection also needs to take Chinese medicine auxiliary fetal protection

For young people now, having children is by no means casual.Before preparing for economical and physical preparations, he did not dare to put pregnancy on the agenda at all, and immediately arranged his work after pregnancy.After preparing for everything, I was pregnant with my baby smoothly, and this was just the beginning.After all the babies who were pregnant, parents were always attentive. Many mothers knew that the early pregnancy was the most indifferent period of time. At this time, the abortion rate of the fetus was relatively high.

Generally, the first three months of pregnancy is the pregnancy period. At this time, mothers must not only adjust the diet structure, but also supplement some additional nutrition.How to keep a fetus?It has become a pursuit of all pregnant women. In fact, there are many factors caused by abortion, abnormalities in fetal chromosomes, reproductive organs, immune exclusion, environmental factors, etc.

How to improve the physical fitness of the mother and let it be in a safe and stable environment during pregnancy is the focus of fetal protection.The abnormal situation of the fetal chromosome is not necessary to protect the fetus, and this reason accounts for about half of the cause of miscarriage.Therefore, there are relatively few conditions that need to be protected. Moms do not have to treat fetal protection as an indispensable part.

Before the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the probability of a threatened abortion in pregnant women was high. At this time, I had to go to the hospital for examination. According to the doctor’s suggestion, to see if there is some measures to protect the fetus.What are the symptoms of threatened abortion?

1. vaginal bleeding

It may be a small amount of bleeding or a large amount of bleeding, persistent bleeding and irregular bleeding.If vaginal bleeding occurs 12 weeks before 12 weeks, go to the hospital for examination.

2. vaginal blood clot

Vaginal discharge block or light gray tissue

3. Pain in the abdomen

Continuous pain occurs in the pelvis and lower abdomen, which often occurs with the symptoms of bleeding.

When these symptoms appear, doctors may not take measures to take medicine immediately. They may be observed first according to the specific circumstances. They must still focus on the advice of the doctor.

1. Supplement estrogen, progesterone

Generally, hormone drugs are used, but some Chinese medicines with less side effects can also be used -Kirin Wan to stimulate the yellow body in the yellow body to nourish the kidneys.Sex, promote the cultivation of ionization

The secretion of HCG for early pregnancy tissue, improving reproductive endocrine function, and promoting the formation of ovarian luteum.

2. Treatment of bleeding symptoms

Doctors may use some coagulation or drugs that suppress uterine contraction to help improve the symptoms of bleeding.

Preservation of tires is not a must -have. There is no threatened abortion without blind preservation, and there is no need to take care of the doctor.Still go to a regular hospital for examination and listen to the doctor’s advice for scientific fetal preservation.Conventional fetal protection is unnecessary, and we need to keep tires and talk about science.I hope that all mothers can let go of anxiety, keep their fetus, and have a healthy baby.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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