Do I have to eat folic acid after three months of pregnancy?You have to know these benefits of eating folic acid

All expectant mothers know that after pregnancy, folic acid should insist on taking the full pregnancy before stopping, that is, after three months of pregnancy.But do you know?Folic acid is not about to stop in the end of pregnancy. The whole pregnancy, even after delivery, will help you.

We all know that early pregnancy is the peak stage of the development of the fetal nervous system. The brain cell proliferation is rapid and the most vulnerable to teratogenic factors. Taking folic acid on time can reduce the possibility of fetal suffering from the fetal tube defect, and it is also conducive to the fetus’sBrain development.But in the middle and late pregnancy, you can continue to take folic acid tablets, the dose is the same as in the early stages of pregnancy.Why continue to take it?And listen to good pregnancy.

Moms are continuously increased with the age of pregnancy. Due to the impact of some physiological factors (such as the average blood capacity of pregnant women during pregnancy, an average increase in the blood capacity of pregnant women, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.) can reduce the hemoglobin in the blood, or the cause of the cause, or the causeInsufficient intake of nutrients such as iron and vitamins causes insufficient hemoglobin. When the hemoglobin of expectant mothers is lower than a certain value, anemia occurs.Folic acid can help the metabolism of protein and promote the production and maturity of red blood cells with vitamin B12, which is an indispensable substance to create red blood cells.Adhering to folic acid during pregnancy can help expectant mothers prevent giant red blood cell anemia.

In addition, expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy may have some complications of pregnancy during pregnancy. One of them is hypertension syndrome during pregnancy. Hypertension is a cardiovascular disease. The split growth of folic acid and nucleic acid, amino acids,, amino acids,,, amino acids,,,,,,,,, to,,The synthesis of protein plays an important role that can protect the blood vessels of expectant mothers and prevent cardiovascular disease.In addition, in the middle and late pregnancy, the synthesis of the baby’s DNA, the placenta and the mother tissue need folic acid to help.

In addition, after childbirth, expectant mothers can also take folic acid until the end of the lactation, because folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin, and taking breast milk can also improve the quality of breast milk.

In the medical community, the health benefits of folic acid are widely noticed by the health benefits of women. In addition to pregnancy and lactation mothers, it should also be found to be able to prevent diseases such as colorectal cancer and heart disease.Suggestions from medical people.As long as it is not taken for a long time, folic acid rarely occurs with adverse reactions.Therefore, the prospective mothers in the middle and late pregnancy, according to their own situation, properly extend the supplementation of folic acid after the early pregnancy to protect themselves and the baby.

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