Do gout patients want to make up for "posting autumn"?Proper purine diet is not afraid of high uric acid

After the autumn, autumn is not counted; after the autumnal equinox, it is a layer of autumn rain and a layer of cool.In Chengdu, the climate is mild, just after the autumn equinox, you feel chills, short sleeves change to grow sleeves, and even get up early and wear coats.It is okay to enter the hospital’s clinic. The clinic is small and warm. The white coat is better in summer, but it is not wonderful to face the pain of gout patients every day.

One layer of autumn rain and a layer of cool, autumn leaves yellow

It is said that as soon as the summer passes, it is necessary to "post autumn", which was originally the traditional custom of Liqiu on this day.It is said that it is necessary to eat stew in the autumn, and make up the "膘" that falls off in the summer.Now it’s not limited to this day, but the whole fall has begun to "stick"."Paste autumn" is more popular in the north than the south. Sichuan belongs to the north and south. There are some places, but some places don’t matter.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "sticking autumn" is also a means of "nourishing yin".

But the gout patients are inevitable that they will be trembling when they hear the "autumn": "I now hear purines and fear, let alone eat meat, eat meat to increase uric acid, high uric acid will have gout.? I can’t get rid of the meat on my body. "

Having said that, some people do not believe in evil.On the day of the Qiu equinox, a Mr. Wu came in a wheelchair into my clinic and asked the cause of his acute gout, which was said to be posted by "autumn".What the hell is going on?Please look down.

After the beginning of autumn, I started to post autumn 后

Mr. Wu is also very young. He is 28 years old. He just got married last year, and his daughter -in -law was pregnant.In order to take care of his daughter -in -law, Mr. Wu took his mother and was responsible for three meals a day.The mother’s meals are delicious, which allows Mr. Wu to go home to eat every day, which is also eliminated from ordering takeaway.

Mr. Wu’s daughter -in -law had just had a pregnancy reaction, and her mother was a little anxious when she was happy: seeing the little body of the daughter -in -law was a little malnourished.So there is one more dish in the daily meals, that is the soup: today’s rib soup, tomorrow’s fish soup, the daytime chicken soup, big acquired pig’s trotter soup … All kinds of broth changes the pattern.Sichuan people are delicious, and Wu mother also prepared dipped in water.

How much purine of a bowl of broth contains it

At first, Mr. Wu was accepted by the soup made by his mother, anyway, it was to make up for his daughter -in -law.After the autumn, Wu’s mother began to let her son drink soup every day, the reason is "sticking the autumn": "The weather is cold, the ancients said that autumn is easy to make up, you have to drink more soup and eat more meat, so that the winter will be better than winter.","

Unexpectedly, the mother’s shattered thoughts, Mr. Wu had to drink soup every day. It was not a bowl of drink, but the soup was left after the soup left.No, it has been from the autumn to autumn for nearly two months.Mr. Wu, who had had 473 μmol/L in the last medical examination, was even higher.

The laboratory inspection, Mr. Wu’s uric acid has reached 645 μmol/L, the total cholesterol reaches 5.95 mmol/L, and the triglyceride is 2.34mmol/L.

In the middle of the night before the autumn equinox, Mr. Wu’s right foot big toe suddenly felt painful, and his hands were even more painful. Not only did it hurt but also swollen, swollen.Mr. Wu said to me, "Dr. Liu, the pain is estimated to be more painful than my daughter -in -law in the future, it really hurts." A little relieved, he hurried to the hospital.

The first metatarsal joint pain of the right foot is common symptoms of gout acute attack

It is said that the ancestors were popular on the day of Liqiu. Compared with the weight of Lixia, they tested the fat and thin situation of people.In the past of the lack of material, such customs are actually a kind of suffering. People who judge the quality of living conditions are the difference between people and thinness.

If you lose weight, of course, from the beginning of the autumn, after the summer, white dew, autumnal equinox, cold dew and frost, there is no concept of nutrition in ancient times.In addition to animal meat and poultry and fish.

In the past, "sticking autumn" was affixed with "oil and water".And after the summer baked, the metabolism and the increase in sweat was increased, and it was inevitable to lose weight in autumn.And "sticking autumn" is also to keep the body’s fat storage enough in order to carry severe winter.

It is mainly to reserve fat, but it is not suitable for modern people

In modern society, the concept changed.Hyundai pays attention to fitness as the beauty. It is naturally good to have eight abdominal muscles, which also reflects that there are idlers.If it is slightly fat, it is considered to be excessive nutrition and excess nutrition, which may lead to various diseases including gout.Therefore, for modern people, material life is abundant, animal food is not lacking, and high -fat and high -calorie diet life can be owned all year round.The disease that may cause "stickers" includes: diabetes: diabetes is a living habit, its onset and obesity, greed, lack of exercise, and genetic defects.The sugar content is increased.Hypertension: Hypertension is also a living habit. High -salt diet, alcohol, high mental stress, and insufficient exercise can cause diseases. High -fat and high -calorie foods may cause diseases.Activity and cerebrovascular diseases such as ethical hardened, coronary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, and cerebral infarction.Hyperlipidemia: Due to too much fatty foods, fat metabolism or abnormal transportation, the lipid concentration in the plasma is too high, and the blood vessels are full of oily things, which may accelerate the whole body atherosclerosis and plaque blockage.Obesity: Excessive nutrition, and prone to obesity. Obesity mainly includes subcutaneous fat obese obesity accumulated under the skin and internal organs fatty obesity that accumulated fats around the viscera.Gastrointestinal disease: Suddenly a large amount of tonic may lead to increased gastrointestinal burden, thereby gastrointestinal disorders, chest tightness, abdominal distension, anorexia, indigestion, and other common diseases.Gout: High -fat, high -calorie, and high purine foods are one of the main reasons for the increase in uric acid value. Excessive intake of purine foods are one of the main causes of gout.

Modern people are prone to metabolic diseases

Even if you do n’t need to “post autumn”, we need to live a lot of daily life, especially the diet life.Especially the humid and hot climate in autumn can easily lead to the acute attack of gout.In Sichuan, the temperature difference between the morning and evening temperature is large, which causes the human purine metabolism to be unstable. The cold air at night may cause blood vessel contraction and affect blood circulation.

In addition, the gradual reduction of temperature can reduce the solubility of uric acid and uric acid, so the crystallization of uric acid salt is easy to deposit on the peripheral tissue with low temperature, which also explains that clinical gout is mostly the feet and ankle of the distal on the limbs, ankle, ankle, ankle, ankle, ankle.Knee acute attack.The changes in summer and autumn make the acute gout more likely to attack.It is often after dinner at night, the feet are cold, the concentration of joints of joints increases, and the crystal deposits of uric acid are involved in joint inflammation.

So, for gout patients, how to protect themselves and eat correctly after the cool weather after autumn?The following points can be used for reference: Do not drink meat broth: Purine is easily dissolved in water during cooking, especially when high -temperature soup has been cooked for a long time, most of the purine in the meat is transferred to the soup.At this time, for patients with gout, I would rather eat meat or not to drink soup; but it is recommended not to eat too much daily, and you can eat a little per meal, because the fat content is relatively high.

The purine content of some internal organs and meat does not eat internal organs: Animal internal organs are the highest purine content in all foods and rich fat content.Sichuan people like to eat brain flowers, waist slices, county liver, duck intestines, etc. A large amount of feeding can cause the blood uric acid level of gout patients to increase suddenly, which is significantly higher than the joint fluid and is easy to form crystalline salt. It is recommended that gout, especially obesity and high fat and blood and blood.Symptoms should avoid animal organs.Eating a small amount of crabs: autumn is also a good time to eat crabs, while the content of fresh and seafood drifting in crabs is high.Eating crabs has also become a part of many people’s autumn food plans. It is recommended to eat a small amount of crab. It can be avoided by avoiding crab yellow, which can also reduce the occurrence of many cardiovascular factors.

In the season when hairy crabs are listed, gout patients must control their mouths to restrict drinking: drinking is an important cause of dietary incentives for gout, which is well known. White wine and beer can promote uric acid production and inhibit uric acid excretion.Although in order to reduce uric acid in the body, you must quit alcohol as much as possible, but you ca n’t do it for those who have "alcoholic addiction", so you still limit drinking and try not to drink.

For patients with gout, neither liquor and beer can drink attention to drinks: In daily life, fruit sugar cannot be separated, mainly sweeteners, such as drinks, bread, biscuits.As a carbohydrate, fructose can consume a lot of energy and increase uric acid.Therefore, it is recommended to drink less carbonated drinks, drink less milk tea, and control the intake of snacks.However, fruits are indispensable as the source of vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to eat fruit with low sugar content.

Carbonated beverages contain more fruit sugar. Patients with gout should pay attention to appropriate exercise: low strength, rhythmic, uninterrupted, and long -duration of aerobic exercise suitable for performed in autumn., Gymnastics, dancing, etc., can be exercised for two days and one day. The exercise time is 20 ~ 60 minutes, but exercise is not recommended in the acute period of gout.

Not only do you want to exercise, but also drink plenty of water and drink plenty of water: In order to allow uric acid to be discharged smoothly, urination is needed. It is recommended that if high uric acid or gout, the urine volume should reach more than 2 liters, so try to drink 2.5 liters every day ~3 liters of water reduces the concentration of uric acid in urine.

Proper "sticking autumn" helps to restore physical strength; inappropriate "sticking autumn" helps to bless the body.Therefore, don’t pursue nutrition too much in autumn, the nutrition of our daily diet is rich enough.It is better to put your eyes far away and see the good river mountains and beautiful scenery.

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