Do girls be responsible for your pregnancy?

Needless to say, it must be responsible, but you have to determine that you are pregnant, and it is your child. It is estimated that you can understand what I want to say here!

Xiao Li has a girlfriend, which can be said to be Ruo Tianxian, but the circle is a bit messy. The two of them are together in high school. Later, they were very happy when they graduated.It is the point of talking about marriage. Later, I lived together for half a month during the work, and broke up because of trivial quarrels!

After almost 2 and a half months, his girlfriend contacted him and said that he was pregnant. At that time, Xiao Li was surprised when he heard this. The safety measures were very good. I think about one safety measure at the time.I thought it was my own fault, and then talked to the girl whether to get married. The girl considers it for a long time and has always insisted on killing the child!

Xiao Li also said a lot of retention saying that he could be a qualified father and a competent husband, but the girl had not been elastic to kill it. At that time, Xiao Li also asked to see the belly because the belly of 2 and a half months should be big.Get up, but the girl did not give it, but just showed him a double bar for the pregnancy test paper!

At this time, Xiaoli believed that it must be pregnant, because every time the phone came, he was crying and retching. At that time, Xiao Li was also at the rising period of work.Borrowing money to accompany the girl. The girl said that if you do n’t need to get the fetus, I do n’t have money. Xiao Li Xin thought that it was true that he had a loan on the loan platform 5,000 to the girl.Go to make up, if too much, be a compensation for girls because girls do not let themselves go. Later

After about half a year, the girl sent a circle of friends and asked Xiao Li to see it, so she thought about contacting the greeting. The girl also responded. When I talked about the girl, she said that she was about to find him to get money at that time.I said I owed you, but the girl said that I was pregnant at the time, but it was not yours, because after that time, we quarreled and broke up with my male girlfriend.But I did n’t take safety measures to get pregnant. At that time, he still did n’t have much money to give birth, so I said that your child asked you for money. You also gave me 5000.Mobile phone, haha, Xiao Li was angry when he heard these at the time

Then Xiao Li also recognized himself and deleted the girl’s contact information. At this time, he remembered that at the time, the girl deducted green, yellow, and red diamond annual fees on the third day of the money.In fact, Xiaoli’s behavior may be ridiculous!

But how much do you ask yourself, how many boys like him today?Will they be deceived intentionally?I believe that many boys or men who see this article will feel that they may do this, because their girlfriend is pregnant, or the girlfriend who breaks up after the intercourse is of course responsible, but I really have to figure it out whetherTheir own children

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You can say that there are any views on Xiao Li or his girlfriend ~

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