Disappearing her!Seven months of pregnant women were pushed down to the cliff, and the fetus in her abdomen became a key clue to solve the case.

How ruthlessness will a man will kill a woman who is pregnant for seven months, and then pushes off the cliff without hesitation.Women have not been discovered after their death. The corpse slowly rotted and swollen, showing the phenomenon of giants. The children in the belly were squeezed out as the gas was squeezed out of the lower body …

In Xuanwei, Yunnan in 2012, when an old man went up the mountain to release the cow, he was attracted by a unpleasant smell around him. With a keen sense of smell, the uncle searched along the smell.A long corpse.The police immediately rushed to the scene, and what surprised everyone was that the corpse in front of the eyes had long been dry, and the head and body of the deceased had been separated.Later, not far away, they discovered the upper limbs, trunk and lower body of the deceased.

Forensic doctors subsequently took over the case according to the bone age of the deceased.The deceased is a woman about 20 years old, and the time to die may be a month ago.However, it is even more stunning that there are still many small bones surrounding the corpse, which appears on the position of the deceased’s upper limbs, knees, and abdomen. According to the degree of calcification of the bone, forensic inferring that the fetus is about seven months larger.Baby girl.There is no item around the corpse that can infer its identity.

Why did a woman who was pregnant for seven months died in such a remote place?Is it because of accidental falling, or do you have to murder with your intentions?

In order to break the case as soon as possible, the police found a phenomenon called rose teeth by cleaning up the deceased’s teeth.In professional terms, this is usually the condition that occurs after being suffocated by external forces to death.At this time, it is basically determined that this is a murder.

In order to obtain the victim’s identity, the police posted a joint inspection notice on various streets and alleys, and then found the source of the corpse through the media. During this period, the police extracted the DNA of the deceased and compared the database.This person is the victim in the previous case, her name is Zhang Juan.

It turned out that the police had received a report from Zhang Juan before. She said that a man had always been behind him when he was off work, and wanted to make a lot of money to her. Fortunately, Zhang Juan shouted loudly and attracted the attention of the people around him.Although the murderer did not succeed, the police still registered the information she provided.After learning the identity of the deceased, the police immediately drove to Zhang Juan’s house.

After Zhang Juan’s home, her mother said that she had lost contact with her daughter for more than four months. Her mother Zhao Qunxiang also revealed a secret. It turned out that Zhang Juan was not her biological daughter, but Zhao Qunxiang and her husband had always been with her.She is regarded as a biological daughter. She has never told anyone except a few relatives know this secret.Zhao Qunxiang said: "My family had a pair of male twins, but the young children who died ten days later. We wanted to want another girl to grow up with him, and then hugged Zhang Juan."When Zhang Juan was in her ten -year -old, in the chat between relatives, she accidentally heard the secrets of her life, and then ran home, holding her mother and said, I was a child I took.

Since then, Zhang Juan has gradually gained a gap in his parents and has begun to become rebellious. After all, she is not biological and flesh, and it makes Zhao Qunxiang difficult to discipline strictly like the biological child.On the contrary, after Zhao Qunxiang and her husband knew the truth, they could only tolerate and understand Zhang Juan’s behavior as much as possible.When Zhang Juan was 15 years old, she dropped out of school and ran to a restaurant in a foreign country to work. During the period, Zhang Juan rarely called at home.Since then, Zhang Juan’s relationship with the family has almost broken, which is why Zhang Juan has been missing for so long.

At the same time, the police also paid attention to Fei, who had tried to violate Zhang Juan.He was found out of prison after being convicted for a year and a half, just coincided with Zhang Juan’s killing time.

However, the results of the investigation have excluded his suspicion.Police investigated Fei’s schedule and found that he had been working at a construction site in a foreign country during the incident, and it was impossible to have time to commit crimes.

In order to get more information about Zhang Juan, the police came to the restaurant she had worked during her lifetime.According to the description of the employees inside, Zhang Juan’s character is lonely and rarely speaks, so the relationship with colleagues is relatively cold.The employees inside also revealed that before Zhang Juan’s disappearance, two men often came to the store to find her, and always brought fruits. One of them was about 20 years old and the other was a little older.Since Zhang Juan has little communication with his colleagues, they are not sure about the identity of the two, but the police are convinced that the two men who often visit Zhang Juan are definitely not ordinary with Zhang Juan, so the police follow this clue., Investigated these two men.

First of all, you need to know who the child in Zhang Juan’s belly is.At the time of the incident, Zhang Juan had been pregnant for seven months, which meant that she must have been to the hospital for prenatal examination.Police quickly investigated all local hospital records, and one of the obstetrics and gynecologists in one hospital immediately recognized the victim’s clothing.The doctor clearly remembered that about a month ago, a man had accompanied Zhang Juan to do a prenatal examination, and a word at the time made him remember.The doctor said: "The man kept muttering in Zhang Juan’s ear to let her kill her children. After the inspection was completed, they left with a motorcycle."

With this clue, the police immediately collected the surveillance video around the intersection of the hospital.Subsequently, a suspicious man entered the police’s sight. Although the camera could not capture the woman’s face behind him, from her clothes, it should be Zhang Juan.According to the license plate of the motorcycle in the surveillance camera, the police found that the owner was a 35 -year -old man named Xie Jun.

After obtaining this clue, the police immediately launched the operation to arrest the resolution of the army.At the beginning, the Jie Army resolutely denied that she had seen Zhang Juan. Later, the police compared DNA against the fetus in Xie Jun and Zhang Juan’s belly. The result showed that the Jie Army was the child’s father.The evidence is conclusive, and the resolving army can only confess the facts.He admitted that day, he took Zhang Juan from the hospital and went to a remote mountain.While Zhang Juan didn’t notice, he held her neck from behind, and after Zhang Juan lost his consciousness, Xie Jun threw Zhang Juan away from the mountain.However, Zhang Juan’s belly is his own flesh. Why did the Xie Army do such a thing?

For Zhang Juan, Jie Jun had no intention to do her at first.At first, the two met at the restaurant where Zhang Juan worked.At that time, the young and beautiful Zhang Juan seemed to be very tempting in the eyes of the Xie Army. Although he had a family and had a two -year -old daughter, there was a wild flower fragrance in Jiahua. He chose to contact Zhang Juan. Soon after, theyIt’s really together.

The Xie Jun originally thought that his hidden sky was seamless, but he did not expect that Zhang Juan had an accident with his child.Xie Jun once persuaded Zhang Juan to kill the child, but was opposed by Zhang Juan.

Then he started to avoid Zhang Juan everywhere, fearing that this secret would make his wife discover.Five months later, Zhang Juan called Xie Jun and asked her to rent a house. Previously, she had been living in a collective dormitory in the restaurant.

Xie Jun promised her and helped her rent a house.Later, Zhang Juan asked Xie Jun to take care of herself, but was rejected by the understanding of the army, but she was afraid that Zhang Juan would tell the matter, so let his cousin take care of her.His original plan was to give Zhang Juan a funds as compensation after the child was born, but what Zhang Juan needed was not.She wanted Xie Jun to divorce his wife and be with her …"She said that if I don’t divorce my wife, she will accuse me rape her and disclose that I am the child’s father. But I have a wife, a two -year -old daughter. I cannot divorce." Xie Jun said.

When I heard Jie Jun said so, it was really ironic.If he really cares so much about his wife, how can he have this relationship with Zhang Juan?Because he was unwilling to divorce, he was afraid of his family to know the truth, and even killed Zhang Juan.He did this just for his family, but he never thought that the children in Zhang Juan’s belly were also his own flesh.

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