Diet should be avoided in March, eat less ginger and mutton, eat 5 "nourishing liver vegetables", and protect the liver and body stick


The year of the year lies in spring. Spring is the beginning of the four seasons. The yang is rising and the recovery of everything.Spring is also the best time to nourish the liver.As the so -called "medicine is not as good as food and supplement, supplementing food is not as good as nourishing qi", grasping the golden period of nourishing liver nourishment in spring. In terms of diet, diet should be avoided. It is not recommended to eat mutton and ginger in spring, because lamb and ginger are hot and dry., Avoid "Spring Dry", eat 5 more "nourishing liver vegetables" to protect liver body sticks.

Dynasties ingredients: 500 grams of flour, 1 egg, 2 grams of salt, 20 grams of starch

Stuffed ingredients: 300 grams of leeks, 400 grams of pork filling, 150 grams of shiitake mushrooms

Seasoning: 10 grams of ginger, 4 grams of salt, 10 grams of raw soy sauce, 10 grams of cooked oil, an appropriate amount of sesame oil.

Method: 1. Flour, eggs, salt, starch with the dough together, wake up for 20 minutes.

2. Put the meat in a bowl, stir well with salt, raw soy sauce, cooked oil, and sesame oil.Cut the mushrooms at the end, put it in a bowl, and add shiitake mushrooms to increase the umami taste of dumplings.

3. After the leek is washed and washed, cut into a small section. Be sure to cut it with a knife. Do not crush it or break it with a machine.Mix the leek with cooked oil and put it in a bowl with the ginger.

4. Mix the filling.

5. Roll the dough into dumpling skin.

6. Take the right filling on the dumpling skin

7. Then pinch the dumpling skin tightly

8. The dumplings are wrapped, as shown in the figure.

9. Pour the appropriate amount of water in the pot and boil, then put the dumplings in the pot one by one, put a spoonful of salt, put the dumplings after the water is boiled, and push it gently to cook it;Add cold water to boil; repeat it twice, do not cover it until the dumplings can be removed from the table.(Put a little salt to prevent dumplings from adhesion)

Ingredients: 300 grams of asparagus, 3 mushrooms, 6 small red tomatoes, and 6 small yellow tomatoes.

Seasoning: 3 petals, 4 grams of salt, 3 grams of black pepper, 10 grams of olive oil.

Method: 1. Wash the asparagus to peel the roots, take the fresh part, the old part can not be.

2. Wash and sliced with mushrooms.

3. Wash the small tomatoes and add a little baking soda in the water when washing the fruits and vegetables, which can better absorb pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables.

4. Cut the asparagus, add water to the pot and boil the asparagus, immediately turn off the heat.

5. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, add garlic slices, mix with salt and olive oil, and season with salt and olive oil. Olive oil can be slightly more and the taste is better.

6. Put the baking sheet and put all the ingredients. Put all the ingredients. The mushrooms are black pepper. If you like it, you can add more.

7. Preheat 200 degrees of the oven, heat up and down, put it on the middle layer, bake for about 15-20 minutes

Kitchen Little language: The asparagus should not be too long, but it can be removed in the boiling water to remove the astringent taste of the asparagus, and the color will become tender green.

Ingredients: 400 grams of pork liver, 1 green pepper, 30 grams of hair fungus in 2 small rice pepper

Seasoning: 1 section of green onions, 1 piece of ginger, 15 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of sweet noodle sauce, 10 grams of raw soy sauce and 5 grams, 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of dry starch.

Method: 1. After washing the pork liver with water, soak it in salt water for more than 2 hours, stain with a little white vinegar, and then rinse it with water.

2. After soaking the pork liver, cut into slices, add cooking wine, soy sauce, dry starch, and put it for 15 minutes

3. Boil the fungus, wash it, wash the green pepper and wash the slices

4, soy sauce and sweet noodle sauce become juice

5. In the hot pot, the pork liver is stir -fry after the oil temperature, and the pork liver will be prosperous after the pork liver is discolored.

6. Swall on the green onion ginger and garlic under the oil pan, stir -fry the fungus and green peppers, pour the pork liver and stir fry

7. Stir -fry the juice made of sugar and soy sauce and sweet noodle sauce. You can get out of the pan. Soy sauce and sweet noodle sauce have a salty flavor. You do n’t need to add salt.

Material: 300 grams of rape heart, 30 grams of dried shiitake mushrooms.

Seasoning: 1 section of green onions, 10 grams of raw soy sauce, 8 grams of oyster sauce, 20 grams of water starch, appropriate amount of chicken essence and sesame oil

Method: 1. Wash the rape, remove the old leaves, leave only the tender vegetable heart, and control the water for splitting.

2. Wash the dried shiitake mushrooms first, and then bubble in warm water.

3. Remove the soft shiitake mushrooms and squeeze the water. Do not pour the water of the shiitake mushrooms.

4. Put the water in the water, add a little salt and edible oil to the water, and cook it in the kernels. The vegetables after simmering are cooled quickly with cold water, and the water is removed.

5. Put the oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, add the onions and shiitake mushrooms to fry.

6. Pour the water with mushrooms and add the raw soy sauce and oyster sauce to boil.

7. Pour in water starch.

8. Sprinkle chicken essence when you leave the pan, sprinkle sesame oil, and pour it on rapeseed.

Ingredients: one egg, 150 grams of spinach

Seasoning: an appropriate amount of salt, 10 grams of starch, 10 grams of water, 1 green onion.

Method: 1. Put the eggs and salt, add starch and mix well, pour into the egg liquid, wash the shallots, and put it in the egg liquid and mix well.

2. Put the water in the pot. After boiling, hot the spinach, remove the cold water, dry the water, and cut it into a section of about one centimeter.

3. Prepare the heat -resistant grilled bowl, brush the vegetable oil in the inner wall to prevent the dipping, pour the spinach egg liquid into the bowl, and cover a layer of tin foil on it.

4. Put it in a steamer, boil the fire for 15-20 minutes, and adjust the steam time according to the size of the container and the thickness of the egg liquid.

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