Didn’t you feel in the first month of pregnancy?Can’t care, you must pay attention to these changes

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Xiaoxiao has been married for three years. I especially want a child. I have been preparing for half a year with my husband, but there is no good news. Until more than a month ago, I felt very uncomfortable after Xiao Xiao after work.There are more flow than the aunt, which scares the little little. It happened that her husband came back, so he took a small hospital to the nearby hospital. After a doctor’s examination, he was pregnant for a month.It’s because I didn’t pay attention to being too tired, but fortunately the baby is okay.

But Xiaoxiao is very depressed. I have been pregnant for a month. Why do I feel gone at all? In fact, the body is changing in the first month of pregnancy, but because of the small range, many people ignore it.

1. Rise body temperature

We know that the effects of progesterone during pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant women will rise, so if your body is not injured, there is no symptoms such as inflammation, the body temperature rises, and it will never fall.You must not be careless, you have to check it clearly to prevent the baby from being injured.

Second, the belly is similar to the pain of the aunt

Many women have a stomachache every time they come to the aunt, and they are accompanied by bloating.A few days before the aunt came, the stomach began to hurt, but the degree of pain was a little easier than when the aunt came, and there was sexual behavior before association.examine.

Third, the appetite becomes poor, the oral odor is severe

After a while, the appetite has deteriorated, everything can not be eaten, the appetite is not bad, and the odor of the mouth is very heavy. I may not like what I like to eat before, but I did n’t like it before.The smell of smelling oil fume may have a feeling of nausea and vomiting, and the sense of smell becomes very sensitive. If you have these symptoms and remove gastrointestinal discomfort, it is likely to get pregnant.

Fourth, breast swelling

Women experienced the feeling of breast swelling and pain during the development of youth, which was the first time that women developed.Of course, women’s life is irregular, endocrine disorders and other phenomena, women’s breasts will also pain, but if this pain has continued and the aunt does not come, then pay attention, you may get pregnant.

Fifth, body resistance decreases

If you suddenly feel that your resistance has decreased, except for some external factors, and if you have a husband and wife life and do not take measures, then you may be pregnant, don’t care.

Although the changes in the first month after pregnancy, these changes still exist, and pregnant mothers cannot be careless.


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