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Can I exercise during pregnancy? What are the precautions for exercise during pregnancy?

From knowing that he was pregnant, every expectant mother became extra careful.

Some expectant mothers even quickly rose to "national treasure figures" because of pregnancy. In addition to eating at home, they can’t do it.

Don’t you wait to gain weight without moving?

Sometimes I want to do my own exercise, and my mother -in -law will immediately stop when I see it. Exercise can easily cause miscarriage. Let’s stay in bed.

Then the question is, can you exercise during pregnancy?

The answer is yes. Proper exercise is good for pregnant women and fetuses, but it depends on the situation and stages.

During pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy (1-3 months of pregnancy), because the embryo has just been planted in the uterine cavity, the placenta has not been completely formed, so the connection between the baby and the mother is not stable, and it is more likely to occur at this time.

Therefore, pregnant women at this stage should pay attention to rest and avoid severe exercise.

The prospective mothers with a threatened abortion are best to obey the doctor’s advice and rest in bed as much as possible. In the case of physical condition, you can take a walk appropriately.

After 3 months to pre -delivery, if there are no special circumstances, they are suitable for exercise.

Do exercise during pregnancy, pay great attention to the choice of exercise, exercise time, and sports location to avoid exercise damage.

Throughout pregnancy, when pregnant women do exercise, they need to pay attention to the following exercise principles:

1. Avoid abdominal squeezing and severe shaking abdomen during pregnancy, such as running, jumping, sitting up, etc.

2. Pay attention to the number of heartbeat during exercise. If the heartbeat of more than 130 times per minute, you should immediately terminate this activity and adjust the exercise items.It is advisable to return to the number of heartbeat before exercise 5-10 minutes.

3. Exercise and exercise should not be too long, and the longest or more than half an hour.

4. Use music carefully during the exercise, so as not to unknowingly cause excessive exercise in the joyful music, cause fatigue and damage the body.

5. Have good sports equipment.Loose and comfortable sweat -absorbing clothing is very important. What is more important is a pair of comfortable and suitable sports shoes.

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant woman is protruding, and the center of gravity is not on the central axis. If the shoes are not suitable, the shoes will easily cause the shoes to get rid of, twist, and cause it.

Moms, you can properly carry out safety, aerobic, and limb movement based on their physical condition and state of pregnancy.

Here are several commonly used exercise methods, because individual differences are used as a reference.

Do housework (it is a good way to move the table and sweep the floor every day)

Take a walk (suitable for the whole pregnancy, especially the first choice of the third trimester)

Jogging (slightly faster than walking speed, can be combined with walking, suitable for early pregnancy and mid -term, pay attention to exercise protection)

Pass balloon (with the fun of competition, suitable for one piece with her husband, it can also enhance feelings)

Swimming (very good exercise, you can exercise the muscles of the whole body, but pay attention to environmental factors such as the temperature and hygiene of the pool)

Taijiquan (the movement of Tai Chi is moving, it can also exercise the whole body, fun and safe)

Anal reduction (can increase the force of the anal muscle and the bottom of the pelvis, which is one of the main strengths of the fetal delivery at the final stage of the output process)

But it is worth noting that even if you are usually sportsmen, during pregnancy, exercises such as table tennis such as table tennis are not recommended.

Pregnant women who are just pregnant should also pay attention to: Do not engage in excessive physical labor, and should not perform severe exercise such as fast -running and dancing. Over -the -body physical labor and severe exercise may cause abortion.

In short, in the case of physical condition during pregnancy, choosing a safe, scientific, and suitable way of exercise is good for herself and the fetus.

In addition, expectant mothers during pregnancy should also pay attention to maintaining problems such as comfortable mood, doing a good job of personal hygiene, reasonable diet and drug safety.It is hoped that each pregnant mother can live a safe, healthy, and pleasant pregnancy life.

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